Monday, June 20, 2011

Until it was much too late to recover

Worst mood today. I’ve again reached that point in the full-time employment cycle where all goodwill has disappeared and life seems particularly cruel. Why isn’t there a three day weekend? Why must I be awake before sunrise? Why must I have bills? Why can’t I stay up all night writing? Why can’t I just spend my days on R’s couch? These are questions that’ll keep you up at night.

A couple of weeks ago, Amanda Palmer had this thing going on twitter - #FuckPlanB. It was all very encouraging, chucking in all this annoying crap that is supposedly “real” life and following your heart with 100% commitment. Part of me would love nothing more than to do exactly that. But realistically, it’s just an impossibility. Because I do have bills to pay. Though I often feel that this middle ground, doing something to get by just until you get a break to go after what you want, is dangerous. Far too easy to fall into a complete rut and get stuck here forever. Also, I don’t even know what Plan A really is anymore.

But anyway. Had a fun weekend. The geekfest that is Supanova was on and I actually ended up going both days, catching the Q&A with Gareth David-Lloyd with L on Saturday (he was so much happier than the last time. Also, he has cut his hair. Win all round) and shambling about with R and M on Sunday, after catching the James Marsters Q&A (again I feel compelled to say that he’s very good at these things.) We were going to see Tom Felton’s Q&A as well but the line was far too long. Completely baffles me why. He’s just Draco Malfoy after all. Plus you’re not allowed to take sneaky photos of him, what madness. I haven’t sorted through my photos yet, but if there’s anything decent, I’ll post them up later.

I also introduced L to the grosstastic joy of Fringe, and watched yet more Supernatural. Almost halfway through season 2 now, progress! If everything works out, we’ll get through season 6 next weekend. Excitement. Fear. Horror. I’m sure insanity awaits. Well, more insanity. Are there degrees of insanity? There should be.

Other than that, my lungs are hurting. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean my chest infection is back for round two. Oh, and I have a test tonight – I was so excited about it because I’m a total nerd and it’s been years since I’ve had to do a test – but I haven’t exactly studied. Oops?

Really I’m just procrastinating cause there’s a huge disaster brewing at work. Hoped it would sort itself out but that doesn’t seem to have worked. Sigh. I suppose I’d better get back to it.

Music: Stay lucky - The Gaslight Anthem

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