Saturday, December 19, 2009

I can haz holiday!

I am officially on holiday until the fourth and am ecstatic. Broke, but ecstatic. Wooooo! Summer holiday! Bring it on.

Through the all encompassing nature of Twitter, I discovered that the guests for the first leg of Supanova (the closest thing we have to comic con) has been announced. As well as having the wonderful Karl Urban back again, also in attendance will be James Marsters and Gareth David-Lloyd...who by that point will hopefully have had a haircut. It's only Melbourne and Brisbane, so of course, Lizzie and I are ankle deep in travel plans. Fandom, we are powerless to resist! I only ever go to Melbourne for fandom purposes - I feel I should be entitled to some sort of free pass. Though my battle with the trams will no doubt continue. One day, I shall triumph over the evil. One day.

But anyway, we're going to do it in style. After all, why not? If you're spending the money, you might as well go all out for it. So, proper hotel, VIP passes etc etc. Limo transfers optional. Wait, what?

2010 is shaping up pretty fiiiiine. There be gigs, there be festivals, there be geeking out. Let it run wild and free!

Music: Hey Jude - The Beatles
Mood: Amused


  1. Yaaay holiday! Hangouts soon, yeah? You should come to a show!
    Melbourne sounds like fun. I'm thinking of heading down sometime soon just for kicks so if I can scrounge up enough cash, we may cross paths!

  2. Totally, when's your next show? I'll stop by :)

  3. I've got one on the 7th but that's after your holiday ends! It's at the Town Hall Hotel in Newtown and I go on stage at like 10pm :)

  4. Oh I'll definitely try to come to that one!