Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And my affection, well it comes and goes

I still cannot believe this whole cruise control debacle. I mean really people, was ATMOS involved? Also, it seems that he managed to stop the car by pulling the dare I ask why he didn't try this earlier? Ah well, poor sod.

Hung out with the girls last night. Lizzie and I met up with Annie and Sam, then the other three joined us at the restaurant later. There was tapas and Sangria. I firmly insist nothing can go wrong if you have Sangria. The Spanish are clearly brilliant. It was a crazy evening and I had an absolute blast. We were loud and inappropriate, so I think the waitstaff were quite glad to be rid of us when we moved to the Three Wise Monkeys. More loud and inappropriate behaviour ensued. Photos were taken. A lot of photos. R'n'B was indulged in. And when it was all over, I dragged the three left over, aka Liz, Roze and Mon, to McDonalds - the place where all good nights end. Haha, we're all class.

I managed to be showered, dressed, and outside by eleven this morning. No small feat on my day off. Got my car registration renewed, which took all of five minutes. The RTA was virtually deserted, that never happens! I was very pleased. So while I had made the effort, I swanned off to finish my Christmas shopping. Just need to pick up another voucher for dad and then I'm done. Woot. I got my usual puzzled looks as I walked about in skinny jeans and combat boots which is becoming rather tiresome. I know it's hot people, but I really don't care, you don't have to look at me like I'm green and I've just arrived from Mars. Relax. I almost bought a cute little sundress at Zimmermann but realised that Christmas shopping does not involve buying stuff for self. Self-restraint, I do have it.

Things I should acquire once the broke Christmas period is over:
- new sun visor
- new car seat covers
- Sims 3
- Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming (I don't care what anyone says, I love Tommy Hilfiger fragrances. This one is perfectly light, just subtle and floral enough for me to use regularly.)
- Tom Ford Black Orchid (I had my doubts about this one but it wears really well, exquisitely in fact. It's all old fashioned charm and smokey vintage 1940 Hollywood appeal - it makes me think of gilded ceilings, kohl eyes, slinky black dresses, champagne and cigarettes.)
- Zimmermann military cut jacket
- Suit from Portmans, including the goooorgeous waistcoat. Seriously it is the single most beautiful piece of clothing I have seen lately. I have such a suit fetish. It's bizarre.

Today's observations - Numb3rs is still awesome, as is Lie to Me. Baskins & Robbins candy floss ice cream is my favourite obsession this summer. Women turn feral in beauty shop sales. Chocolate milkshakes are the best cure to walking ten blocks in the sun. I don't know who the boy in this 'White Collar' show is, but he is rather cute.

Sorry for all the messages I missed or replied to really late, I've been running about all day and spent the rest of it in traffic listening alternately to Green Day and the Killers.

Now. Tea.

Music: All these things that I've done - The Killers
Mood: Content

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