Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You'll only leave me dry

The latest competition in one of the mags I work on involved roses, so I got a whole lot of entries about the meaning, favourites etc (there was a whole lot of death as well with the flowers acting as memories or trigger devices, I did not appreciate it). One of them involved blue roses and I of course got curious as to whether they actually naturally existed since I’d never seen them growing. Off to wikipedia I went. Result: blue roses don’t actually exist in nature, mostly they are white roses that have been dyed.

Now, I am obsessed with black roses and when dad tried to get me some for graduation this is exactly what the florist said happened – they dyed them black. I was fairly sure at the time they genetically engineered them to grow like that, but I let it go. The research on the blue roses however revealed that I was so totally right – black roses are genetically engineered to have that colour.

Just once in my life I’d like someone to get me a black rose. I know they’re expensive and nigh impossible to get around here, but still. And yes flowers are stupid and die far too quickly, but that kind of beside the point in this case. It annoys me that on NCIS everyone gets Abby bunches of the things, as if they can just pop down to their local florist and pick them up just like that. Why must I always be difficult?

Also, on this topic – "The black rose's quality of being a rare flower renders it an apt symbol of profound love, or other such things of a rare nature." You see? My sense of romance may be slightly skewed, but I am still romantic (see also: The Crow).

Anyway, random ramble aside, let’s also park my emo-ness for the moment and move onto something else…NaNoWriMo! Woo! I’m all signed up to the madness again and super excited to get into the more social aspect of it this year. It seems like a fun group of people and there are tons of write-ins and events lined up, definitely off to a promising start.

I’ve been ummm-ing and aaah-ing about what to write. I’ve had a few ideas floating around all year that I thought I might tease out, but talking to Abs about hers made me realise I really missed those Amped boys. So what the hell, I’m rekindling the ESM passion and writing a novel of the season 2 arc. I will of course ramble/rant about my progress, and you can also check out my profile should you feel so inclined.

Speaking of writing, I’m doing this ridiculous micro-fiction thing online where you can win a Random House mentorship. Brevity has never been my strong point so I’m harvesting the sympathy vote – come on guys, vote for me! I think you have to register, which is a pain I know, but pretty please? I’m happy to offer bribes of hugs or cupcakes or whatever you prefer (you’re reading that the wrong way, aren’t you? I know you are *narrows eyes*)

TL;DR – NaNo, yay! 12words, vote for me!

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