Friday, October 29, 2010

Photos From My Sidekick

In a Mat Devine type of move, I will subject you all to the photos saved on my phone despite that a) I am not Mat Devine or indeed a rockstar and therefore my photos are not nearly as interesting or funny, and b) my phone's camera is quite crap. So there.

This is the view from my desk. The bike magazine guys are loitering out the back, I silently refer to them as the Blink Revival Crew as they run around in long shorts and backwards caps as if its still the 90s. (Please note the post its were there when I started.)

My random pineapple. Having it around made me feel like The Doctor. Random fruit is so his thing.

The current reading pile.

Don't know why I took this. I was lying on the floor. I'm sure I had my reasons at the time.

Mini house guests. I had ramped my little car off the deck and they rushed to my defence.

Only to take said car hostage. This was last week. Since then I have discovered soldiers lying in the fountain without legs and arms. Casualties everywhere!

High tea time!

This is the look I'm now getting. Seems like a good time to stop and take a certain ridiculously spoiled princess for a walk.
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