Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clouds in my coffee

I am so unbelievable tired today. I blame a certain someone and his dwarf fortress except not really. The blame lies only with my uni work...or possibly myself for leaving my uni work so stupidly late and even then lacking the motivation to work on it, so I only finished it around 4.

Of course by then I was too tired to sleep (this is an entirely cruel joke of the body and really should be stopped, somehow) and only drifted off around 5. No big, I could sleep until 11 at least. Ha. Ha. Ha. Maybe in the world where you do not have an overenthusiastic dog. Oreo had me up at 8 and despite my attempts, I have not been able to get back to sleep.

I feel drunk on the sleep depravation. Mum agrees, her first words to me this morning was "You look like you have a hangover." It's nice to be loved.

It wouldn't be an issue except I have a ton of stuff still to do today and I've just remembered a riding lesson I booked last month. That'll be fun. Ten bucks says I fall off within the first 15 minutes. Ah well, it's nice and sunny out. Fresh air can only be good for me.

I'm in a blogging mood lately - making up for all those missed days....and hey, procrastination!

Music: My protector - Fleet Foxes
Mood: Tired

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