Friday, October 29, 2010

Wine Related Madness

You know that moment after you've sent an email when you go oh shit, maybe I should have thought about that a bit more? Yeah. I’m clearly an idiot. I blame the workplace wine (someone brought in a bottle of sparkling rosé and we discovered a bottle of vodka in the freezer. It will be no surprise that late afternoon productivity faltered somewhat.) And then there’s that moment where you're over-thinking absolutely everything far too much – that’s the after-work wine. And then there’s that moment where no one likes the second bottle of wine you’ve opened and you get to have it all for yourself (cause it is your favourite and you basically wrote your thesis on it...oh wait, that’s just me, isn’t it?) and that obviously results in blogs like this.

So, blog! Stuff has happened. Inevitably.

Em had her birthday party on Saturday which was absolutely loooooovely. High Tea at the Park Hyatt, across from the Opera House. It would not be us if there wasn’t some sort of incident, so naturally the minute we all arrived at the station it started pouring. Armageddon pouring. Our umbrellas barely survived – or in R’s case didn’t survive even opening. But we did get there, soaked and bedraggled, and proceeded to have a fabulous time! Everything was delicious, the company was great and the Alice in Wonderland cupcakes were so pretty, no one wanted to eat them. It is just a wonderful thing to do and a perfect way to celebrate the awesome that is Em. She is the sweetest, kindest person, the fashionista of our group, and one of my oldest friends who I cannot possibly imagine being without. I hope 23 is a fantastic age for you, miss M.

The family have been enjoying themselves. I met up with them for dinner following the high tea, and ended up catching a fireworks display on the harbour. Sydney will of course use any excuse it can dream up for fireworks. While everyone was off enjoying themselves, I sat about and worked on my dread essays. The evenings are however filled with chatting and drinking, if that’s not already glaringly obvious. They went to Brisbane during the week, arriving back last night. On Monday they’re off to Perth. Tomorrow they’re heading to the mountains and caves. I will of course be doing....uni work. Yay.

Speaking of uni, only two more weeks left. Woo! I have approximately 15000 words (yeah, fifteen, that's not a typo) to write before then, but heeeeeey. Of course nano starts Monday too, so that should be an interesting multitasking. Tis why I am attempting to get the uni stuff out of the way this weekend. I’m feeling productive now, but I suspect that is the wine talking.

I had something else to say but I have completely forgotten. Did my postmodernism presentation which went very well. Confundled them all and made the tutor think I knew what I was talking about. Always a plus. I’ve got another presentation but I’ve worked it out so I can do it on adaptations, so I can talk about our set texts as well as Sherlock and LOTR. Because fandom is productive that way.

Uh what else, what else. Enjoying getting into the wedding planning spirit of things with Abs. Em’s planning a birthday party for me even though my lack of socialness is a frustrating road block (sorry hun, but I do appreciate it!). Personally I’m in a bit of a weird place and yeah, there’s uni work.

One of the girls at work is leaving and everyone is really pushing for me to take her job saying I’ll enjoy it more. I really doubt that. I mean I hate the industry, the magazine industry, so surely it can’t matter that much where I sit and hate it?

I’ve randomly applied for this other job that would completely screw up everything if I got it, but at the same time it’s travel related and I can’t resist that sort of thing. Plus all my plans are a bit off anyway. I really need to revise the strategy,

OH YES that’s what I wanted to say! (Blame the wine, alright?) Jack went in for a service last week. Now before this happened I made it very clear to dad to get a quote before committing and to make sure it’s not over a thousand as I cannot possibly afford any more than that. We were quoted $300 to get the aircon fixed, $600 for the service. Got a call on Wednesday from the much do you think it was? Let me tell you, $1300. Just for the service. This always happens with my dad. I thought mechanics only ripped off housewives! I don’t know why I bother. Anyway it’s all supposedly necessary and yadda yadda yadda, got Jack back today and he does drive very well. But still. Ouch. Apparently absolutely everything is fixed now- cam belt, aircon, wheel balance, brakes. So now it better stay working for at least, at least a year. After that, I’ll worry about it when I come back.

That is the extent of my very fascinating and enthralling life. Weekend plans include uni work, more uni work, a brief movie break, and then dinner for cousin’s birthday – on Halloween which, despite my best resolutions, I am shamefully neglecting this year. I blame uni – yes uni, not wine this time. Sigh.


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  1. Oooh birthday party! You must have one, uni work be damned!

  2. Luckily uni will be done by then so it can't get in the way for a change.