Thursday, June 24, 2010

Written after a stressed out first day back

I think it was Abbi who wrote that it wasn't worth going on holiday because it was just too much of a mess when you got home - I can't help but agree. Oh my god, the madness I walked into today *headdesk*

I'm mostly pissed off. They said a freelancer was going to cover my work while I wasn't there, and it didn't happen. Instead they just expected the deputy editor to cover everything and she obviously has enough of her own work to do, so nothing has happened with mine. The reps have also gone nuts in the meantime apparently, and I now have 35 advertorials to write for our "travel" section (for context, that's 20 pages, and they're actually supposed to have a limit of 15) The worst thing is that it's NZ, and I'm supposed to call up the stores to make sure I get the info by deadline but I can't cause I'm not allowed to make international phone calls. I mean really, wtf! So now it's just a wing and a prayer really, hoping everything gets in by next Friday. Before then I still have to write the smaller advertorials, do the diary, the stockist list and organise the pagination. AND I STILL HAVENT EVEN LOOKED AT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR THE OTHER MAGAZINE.

Aaaaah. Breathe. Sorry, I needed the caps.

Anyway, I guess I'm just going to have to put in a lot of extra hours until I cover this. Fuck. Oh actually, speaking of extra hours. For some odd reason they all thought I was meant to cover another chick's reception today, because she covered for me last week. I was getting really annoyed with all these emails assuming I was doing it - the only reason she covered for me while I was away was because I covered for her the week before when she had a uni conference! Bloody hell. I ended up having to sit there from 5 - 5.30 and I only technically work till 5! Bah.

So yes, we are not amused. Not at all. I'm going to watch a movie now in the hopes it'll soothe my annoyance.

Oh yes, and we have a new female PM, it was all very exciting but alas I'm already losing interest again. I really fail at this politics business.

Music: The Brothers Bloom
Mood: Annoyed

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