Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sore feet and sunburn

One of the many things I love about Wales is how they pronounce my full name. Part of the reason I shortened it to Jen is simply because subconsciously I don’t like the way it sounds in the aussie accent. Here though it sounds the way it’s meant to, and it’s lovely! Yes. I’m odd, I know. I’ve also realised that Wales will be the first place zombies flock to when the apocalypse eventually comes – that’s what happens when you have billboards declaring “Brains” up all over the place.

Anyway, today I zombie shambled along on a tour round the Gower peninsula and got sunburnt. I know, I am surprised too. It was an absolutely beautiful day, quite warm even! Cardiff has really rolled out the gorgeous weather for me – I fear it may taint my opinion of the place and with the first rain, it will instantly lose its shine. I hope not though, cause I am seriously considering upping sticks and moving here for a bit. I know I say this virtually every time I go overseas, but this is actually an academic choice too. Cardiff has three (four technically) universities in the city itself, and it has a strong focus on media. There are so many research positions going. Also, for a PhD in media studies and fandom, I’m inclined to think it’s the place to be. Failing that, R and I are considering a year abroad with 6 months here and 6 months in Ireland. I would like to do the stereotypical sojourn writing in Paris as well at some point in my life. It’d be an experience if nothing else, and that is the key to life, surely.

Half-baked ideas aside, the tour was totally lovely. I befriended another Aussie on tour who appreciated my sci-fi rambling and a fun guide who enjoyed discussing the absurdities of the English language (after I expressed my inability to make sense of Welsh thanks to its apparent lack of vowels.) This somehow descended into a discussion about rugby, as all things do around here. (That’s one good thing about going home – I can avoid the soccer again!) If it wasn’t for this tour, I would have gone this entire time in Wales without seeing a single sheep, imagine! Now I have seen more than enough. Random fact: at any one time there is about 9 million sheep in the country.

But I digress. It’s an absolutely gorgeous stretch of coast out past Swansea, and we did some epic walking along it. We also drove past Catherine Zeta-Jones’ house...apparently we should care? Now if it was my fictional welsh boyfriend’s house, it’d be another story! It was an eight hour tour, but it went quite quickly. There were beaches, and salt flats, and a castle – there is a ridiculous amount of castles around here. Oh, and wild ponies. So yes, a bit of everything country. Customs are not going to be impressed with the state of my shoes though – guess I’ll have to clean them again *sigh*

Tomorrow I have to give my paper. DREAD. I am terrified. I am on second too, so I get to hang around for the rest of the day feeling like a tool after I screw up – like my positive thinking? Breathe, self, remember to breeeeathe.

Wish me luck!

Music: Soccer - what else?
Mood: Nervous


  1. I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE IN WALES! AHHHH! That's amazing.
    Hope you're safe and sound and happy... seems like it!

  2. I am having a brilliant time, I must admit. I only came for a quick visit to give a uni paper, fairly unorganised really lol!