Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She returns, the sleepy explorer

Granted, that wasn't the longest trot out of one's hotel room ever, but I am a bit fragile still and I have managed to do an entire city tour in the measly two hours since I left, so I don't think it's too bad.

From this brief little bus trip, I feel I may be a little bit in love with Cardiff. It's so...odd. And seemingly entirely populated by students...which probably explains the vast number of pubs. I must look like a bit of a nutter wandering about in my boots and my jacket done up, shivering while I wait for a bus, and one guy clearly thought I was a lost emo kid since he took it upon himself to "cheer me up" and asked me when last I'd seen the sun. I just burst out laughing, I mean really. People are so lovely though. I had a lovely chat with a tour guide, and have been recommended a number of gay pubs to attend because apparently the decor is "really beautiful and unique, but don't worry, they won't mind, they're really nice." I just love it. The juxtapositioning is fantastic.

The bus went past the docks of course, and I'm not going to lie to you, I got such an insane fangirl thrill passing through there. Lame as it sounds, it's the kind of hair-raising, spine-tingling, thrill of awesomeness. That's why I love fandom, it's just silly things that gives you those moments. I'm completely fascinated by it - I think I'm really going to end up doing a PhD in it *shakes head at self* Anyway, I was going to wander back down there, but I just can't be bothered now. I don't think I'd make it back to the hotel again, I'm just too knackered - might try tomorrow night. It's not far really, city's quite small in general. One noticeable thing about it being summer of course is that it stays light - I mean it's six now and it doesn't look it at all. There's no consistency on this continent, last time was here darkness ruled by 4! Hopefully I can get some stuff done with the extra daylight. I'm really disappointed I won't get a chance to see the national gallery - I'm hoping to get a chance to squeeze it in somewhere, but I have my doubts.

My proudest acquisition of the day is the fantabulous arrow pens they sell in the castle gift shop - R bought one on her trip last year and I have expressed some interest in, um, liberating it should she relax her guard. Now thankfully petty larceny has been avoided, and she can rest easy.

I will say this though, I have heard many sirens screeching around here. And seagulls.

My red bull is wearing off and I'm feeling a bit bleurgh. I somehow haven't been able to find an ATM, or whatever they call them here, though I know there must be some somewhere - I've seen them on the teevee. Contemplating whether it would be incredibly wasteful (not quite the word I'm looking for by brain me not work so good) to order room service.

Meanwhile, one for the TMI files, I appear to be developing serious nosebleed issues during/after long haul flights these days :/

Music: Faint traffic noise
Mood: Sleepy

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