Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gin and malicious intent

Let's start with some positives, shall we? Neil Gaiman is going to be in a few events at the Opera House in August, and I have secured tickets, huzzah. For the panel he's doing with Shaun Tan there were only three left, so I was really lucky getting those. Definitely something to look forward to. There's also Florence + The Machine, a Wil Anderson comedy show I'm taking Lizzie to as part of her birthday present (which actually still hasn't arrived, huh) and then Muse, way off in the future. But hey - stuff!

On the other hand, there's work. On this I have one thing to say - gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Sigh. So much of it. SO MUCH. I am just one measly human being. I've inadvertently become involved in some office politics as well since apparently they want to give me more work to do. Now I've always known I'd have to take on the website, and I don't mind cause I enjoy online work, but I don't actually know how I'm physically meant to fit it into my schedule. It might be possible when I only have the two deadlines, but when there's the three of them, I just don't see how there'd be time. I'm not going to work 12 hour days when I just get paid for 8 of them. Besides, when I go back to uni, I won't even be able to do that. And I'll have French on Saturdays, I need to have some down time too. The deputy editor and I were already in till 6 yesterday making corrections. Everyone tells me to just say no to more work (just say no kids!) but I'm not exactly in the position to do that, I was told I'd have to take on the website when I was first interviewed. Then again, I didn't realise how much work it already was back then, and I certainly didn't know about the stupid reception cover. So I'll see if I could maybe drop something else. Why can't we just get an intern in to do some of the annoying paperwork - unpaid work experience kids! That's what they're there for! Ah well, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I figure I just have to roll with the punches and do what I can. I keep telling myself not to get too stressed or worked up, it's just for a year, it'll be fine. So that's the mantra - it's just for a year. It'll help to have an end date on things you know, when they start going a bit crazy. I'm fully committed to it for that time, the time it takes me to finish my degree, but beyond that, well, there are other plans in the works. This job will look good on my resume, it has tons of elements and I'm making a good impression, and that is all that matters in the end. Means to an end. I just have to survive - thus the mantra. I keep a little covert countdown on the calendar at work, I really think knowing there's an exit strategy will keep me sane in the end.

Other than that, it's the same old story. I have tons to do but I'm not getting it done. I've been really floored today - have just been sitting on the couch nursing a headache. I'm feeling a bit off but I don't know if it's because I'm getting sick (the guy next to me on the plane was coughing a lot) or whether it's still a jetlag response. I was completely over that on Thursday though. Huh. My neighbours' exceptionally loud dance music isn't helping things. Not to be a grumpy old lady, but SHUT UP. I don't mind a party, but this is practically every weekend! And it's not even good music! It's so loud in my room too cause it's right at the back of the house. I'm not even bothering trying to sleep, watching Numb3rs instead.

Did I ever mention the trip back home from Bangkok? Let me tell you something, downgrading from Business class to Economy is a terrible thing to do to your body. Economy isn't so bad when you start out there, but squashed between two guys for 14 hours where one woke me up for dinner (I refrained from biting his head off, I know he meant well, but it's too hard to fall asleep back there, I don't appreciate being woken up for dodgy food) and the other kept elbowing me in the ribs (I have bruises) and huffing when I shifted in my seat, like I was disturbing him by making full use of my seat, after you've had your own fully reclining space is just awful. Also, there is nowhere to put my legs. Nowhere. I know I sound like a total spoiled brat, but hell. I'd rather fly economy all the way than have to swap like that again.

But I digress. Next up, I must purge, cause you know what? I’m tired of walking on egg-shells. I know I’m a bit of a walking contradiction, I tell people this all the time. When you get to know me, I’m pretty nice at first and I hold my tongue, but usually after you’ve known me a few years I tend to just say exactly what I’m thinking. We might not always agree, I might not always get something, but I am perfectly fine with other people doing and being exactly who and what they want. And I’ll always support my friends, even when I don’t necessarily get it. I open up after a few years cause that’s how long it takes me to get comfortable with other people, and when I am, I assume they’d be comfortable with me too, for me to be completely open and honest. I’ll make fun of you, damn right I will, but you can make fun of me too – don’t take it personally, there’s nothing malicious in it. Scathing sarcasm just comes naturally to me, that’s all. Sometimes I’ll go too far, but sometimes other people will too – we’re all just human at the end of the day and some things are unavoidable. I want to be completely honest, and I ask for the same. I say what I think straight to your face, I want you to do the same. If you cant handle it, if you can’t handle me, then let me go. That’s how life works for me.

Cut straight the random pics/links, cause I have the attention span of a goldfish: -


So Torchwood. There's a whole series of these pinups by Aly Fell featured here at io9. It's totally my thing, glamorous and totally dangerous. I have issues.

Ugh, would it be wrong to set the cars outside my neighbours' house on fire to get them all to leave?

To end this disjointed blog on a completely disjointed note:
"You're just one man."
"So are you, pal."
You kick ass, Don Eppes. In fact, Eppes brothers FTW!

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