Monday, June 14, 2010

Epic blog is epic

Well, the original plan was to write this blog 30,000 thousand feet in the air on Saturday. That didn’t quite go according to plan...and instead of doing it yesterday on this unexpected day that had absolutely nothing going for it, I actually did absolutely nothing. Time wastage, your name is Jen. I was far too lazy after a lovely little meeting with wine at a family friend’s birthday on Saturday night. (That’s what you do when you don’t make your flight, go to parties you previously said you wouldn’t be able to make.)

So now I blog to you from the comfort of the Sydney airport waiting lounge, with forty five minutes to o till boarding. At least I got this far this time, on Saturday I didn’t even make it past check in. Four hours stood waiting about the check-in desk until only three of us were left and told there was no room for us. Turns out it wouldn’t have mattered if I made it on that leg anyway, as everyone was chucked off in Bangkok and have to wait for the flight I’m now booked on to go on to London. See the joys of staff travel! I always feel a weird sense of vindication when something like this happens, if only because people always make such a fuss about how lucky you are when you have staff travel. Sure, I may pay only a sixth of a normal business class ticket, but this is the kind of nonsense I have to put up with. It’s plane roulette. Still, Bangkok is tons better than the Singapore flight, that’s completely booked and it’s an A380 – just imagine how many people that is. It astounds me that so many people travel to the UK every flight, and that so many staff travel as well. Don’t people work?

But I digress. I’ve got a ticket all the way through, even if it is economy (I know, I know, I’m snobbish and spoiled and should be ashamed of myself), so fingers crossed I actually make it. Of course I’ve lost all the time off I had scheduled to “recover” and I have to hop straight on a coach to Cardiff when I arrive where I will no doubt be stumbling about zombie-like for the rest of the day. Yay, time travel!

Anyway, here’s everything I’ve been meaning to blog about for the last...oh I don’t know, week or something.

First things first, popular music on the radio. There is absolutely no words to express my dislike for 3Oh!3, seriously. For some reason I also constantly think of them as the Vanilla Ice of this generation, though I don’t harbour any particular ill will towards Vanilla Ice (that I know of, or have really thought about). Then there’s that Usher song – when I first heard it my initial thought was “Send it back, it’s not done yet” but with repeated listening, and though I am quite ambivalent to it, I must recognise that is absolutely everything a commercial song should be. It is brilliant in that respect, ticking all the boxes. Plus it feels essentially like two songs with the Will.I.Am bit breaking in the middle. It’s got such a build and progresses so well...and then I promptly forget about it when it’s done, until the next time... It’s really quite something. Meanwhile, the new Katy Perry and Ke$ha songs just annoy me. It’s funny, because for a while Katy was part of the FBR family and now that it’s all fallen apart there, it’s a bit weird to see things go the way they have. Also, that Brian McFadden song is teeerrible and only shows that Kevin Rudolph is actually a better vocalist even though he is only featured in the song for like three seconds or something.

Oh oh oh, for those who haven’t heard, there’s been a development in the world of Torchwood and they’re actually going to do Season 4. It’s apparently going to have a “shocking and moving story with global stakes" – uh yeah, cause we haven’t had enough of that, have we? I will of course watch, although with trepidation. I’m disappointed Gwen’s back, to be honest. I’d much have preferred to just let all that go...I am not her biggest fan after all.

What else? Sydney is incapable of dealing with winter, water mains burst every which way you look and cause chaos on the roads. Stupid traffic, takes me an hour to get to work! Speaking of work, it’s going quite well. Busy though, which is good I guess. I have a lot of things happening at once, so I am perfecting my multitasking skills. I’m going to have so much to do when I get back, not particularly looking forward to that. Especially when combined with the jetlag. Hmm.

I’m having some guy woes because I still don’t have a sign above my head that says “Will be friend, not girlfriend” – I seriously need one of those. I’m frankly becoming annoyed – why can’t they ever just say what they mean. I mean really, I’ve heard that women supposedly never say what they mean, but these boys are driving me round the bend, they’re so obtuse. Also, what do you do with a guy you’ve known quite some time who randomly tells you he loves you. I mean really, wtf. I assumed he was joking. Bah.

I seem to be getting weird looks sitting here typing, not entirely sure why. Meanwhile I’ve eaten far too much junk today, including a krispy kreme donut and I don’t feel particularly well. Though I don’t even want to know what they’re going to serve for dinner on le plane. My plan is to stay awake for the leg to Bangkok (a meagre 9 hours) and get as much uni work done as possible (I have readings to do, an essay to write, and a presentation still to learn) then come the final leg (14 hours), I’ll take my sleeping pills and hopefully get some solid rest so I feel wide awake for the 7am landing time. One can hope anyway.

My plans are pretty much in tatters now though, and I’m going to be a lot more pressed for time than I would have liked. I still get to see Green Day with Abbi though, which is certainly something. I’ll see if I can get some quality time in Londres on Sunday as well, I only need to be at the airport around 6 to 7pm-ish.

Anyway, I ramble. Rambling is good, but you know, still. Felicia Day was on Lie To Me the other night, there’s a bit of random info for you.

To the flight depository! Actually to the window, dad’s working today and I can wave to him *is weird*

Posted two days later because Sydney airport wanted me to pay for wireless access - as if!

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