Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silly conversations at work

Girl 1: I think he’s called Erik.
Me: What? Another one?
Girl 1: But with a ‘k’.
Girl 2 (entering): What you doing?
Me: Talking about Erik.
Girl 2: The vampire?
Girl 1: The penguin.
Girl 3 (entering): Is Eric going to play a penguin?
Me (to Girl 1): You see the problem.

And that’s only with two Eric(k)s – I ‘know’ three others, one of them being my own character. At any one time when someone is talking about an Eric(k), I need clarification on which one. So please, creators of things, pick another name! (And changing it to a ‘k’ clearly does not help.)

Although this did lead to an interesting thought of Eric, or rather Alexander Skarsgard, playing Batman’s The Penguin, but of course he’s a bit too tall for that. Just a bit.

Music: She's a genius - Jet

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