Monday, August 29, 2011

All these crazy Hollywood nights

You guys! This is so cute. I can't stand it.

"And then they made me their chief."
I can imagine what you're thinking. You're thinking, What? They're just sitting in a field. But if you're thinking that, you don't understand how amazingly, brilliantly, perfectly awesome these two are. Awesome (adj): made of win. I mean, come on. I think the fact that they're in a movie together is perhaps both the greatest and the worst cinematic thing to ever happen to me. Brain. Mush.

Also, I'm sleep-deprived and dehydrated. My glee at this is no doubt hugely out of proportion. But I regret nothing! Nothing! A dose of McAvoy and Fassbender is good for whatever ails you.

While on the topic of movies and the people who are in them, I find it a bit disconcerting how Sydney has shifted into 'stalk' mode with The Great Gatsby kicking off filming (has it started? I'm just guessing here.) There was a FP in the paper on Sunday of where the best spots were to catch filming and everything. It included things like Leonardo DiCaprio likes to ride his bike round the park and Tobey Maguire likes to frequent Bourke Street Bakery, and even something about a preferred ice-cream flavour. A real Stalking For Dummies guide. Now, far be it for me to judge the odd bout of stalking, but surely this is a bit excessive. Really? Really? This is what we're doing as a city? We're not going to pretend to have a little class? No? Alright then.

Incidentally, Bourke Street Bakery is very nice, I highly recommend the sourdough. What? Sleep-deprived and dehydrated, remember?

Music: Here's looking at you kid - The Gaslight Anthem


  1. Instant I saw that image two thoughts clashed in my mind:
    Thought 1: Picturing them as little five year old boys playing imaginary games
    Thought 2: "I wanna cast magic missile!"

    The only person I would want to stalk out of the cast is Carey Mulligan. Just because I think she is so awesome.

  2. "I wanna cast magic missile!"
    *cue five minutes of hysterical laughter* That is perfect! Epic. Glee.

    Carey is awesome indeed. If I remember correctly, the paper said shelikes hanging out in Paddington. So if you spend a lot of time there, chances are you could run into her. Or just camp out at Fox Studios for the next couple of weeks. Stalking + Bavarian Bier Cafe. Good comb ;)