Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lessons I never learned

I'm working from home today. I really wish I could do this all the time - it's just gone 11am and I've already written 1200 words of editorial. More productive than I ever am at work. I think this is mostly because I just don't work well in "monitored" situations. Like at school - I never wrote essays in class. My brain doesn't respond well to being told "you will write now" or something. I don't know.

Another plus is that I am on a computer that actually works. Imagine that! I was nearly in tears of frustration yesterday afternoon when my computer restarted for the third time, yet again corrupting the word doc I was working on, meaning I had to re-write an article for the fourth time. I had plans to work late to catch up on everything, but in the end I just came home and did it here. Much less painful.

I still have a frightening amount of work to do today though. I need to write 15 half page profiles (a total of 3,750 words) as well as another full page article. Then tomorrow, I have to catch up on all my SB editorials (2,500 words). Le sigh.

Another pro to working from home though - unlimited access to chocolate and proper coffee. Let productivity commence!

Music: Time turned fragile - Motion City Soundtrack

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