Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I wouldn't front the scene if you paid me

Hang on, am I to believe that in the entire X-Men universe, there isn’t a single mutant who can heal others? They’ve got all these insane powers, but not one of them can heal? Really? It seems evolution dropped the ball on that one, I mean surely that would be insanely useful. Someone who can heal others, cure anything, you know? Until everyone can heal themselves, like Wolverine and Sabretooth of course. But then I don’t know how wise self-healing is for evolution, cause they wouldn’t die. Not that great, just ask Torchwood.

Speaking of Miracle Day – madness. Gwen’s a bit insane. And does Jack really expect me to believe his immune system is compromised because of his immortality? Dude, you’re from the 51st century, remember? Your immune system is already charting way ahead of us poor 21st century humans. I don’t think that’s going to magically wear off because you’ve been alive too damn long.

Overall, episode two was very House-like. There better be some major pay off with this Oswald Danes character cause every break in action to cut to him is starting to damage my calm. It sort of amuses me that the UK-US trip took basically an entire episode, when the trip there was mere minutes in the first ep. Also, woe. Rhys! Come back! Your crazy wife is much more palatable when she’s with you. Anywhoodle. I still don’t really know what’s going on, so wait and see how it goes I suppose.

Music: Thank you for the venom - My Chemical Romance

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