Thursday, July 7, 2011

Growing by the hour

I’m finally a little bit excited for Miracle Day. Despite my better judgement, I assure you. But ee! Two days! It’s the countdown UKTV has going that did it, I think. Every time I flipped over it was just there – staring at me.

Oh, wait. I just realised it’s on at the same time as the Super Rugby final! Conundrum! Uuuugh. Jack will just have to wait. I must watch my boys play, it’s going to be such an epic game. I had grand plans of going but I’d have to stay overnight cause flight restrictions mean there’s no flight back to Sydney after 8.30, and also the tickets sold out quite quickly. They were so, so cheap too. But never mind, I don’t exactly have money to waste like that anyway, even if it’s the last opportunity to see them play this year (the All Blacks tri-nations match is also in Brisbane, le sigh.)

What has transpired since my last foray into the blogosphere? Amazon bought The Book Depository – horror! How long until we lose our free shipping? Also, I don’t want to support Amazon. But, but, but…cheap books! *weeps* One of my twitter friends recommended Better World Books so I might give them a go one day when I have disposable income again. On the topic of changes, apparently Google will be rebranding Blogger in the not too distant future. Meh. This whole Google+ thing is getting on my nerves. Really, how many social networking things do we need?  I'm becoming a luddite in my old age.

I finished my beginners French course. Je suis un champion! Haha, I’m an idiot. Anyway, it was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. I’d continue but it’s just not possible to wrangle that right now – so I’ll just have to study by myself. I desperately want to learn other languages as well. German first, I think. Mostly because I think it’d be easier than French, I do kind of already have a Germanic framework. Also, Dutch. And then I’ll go back to the Latin based languages. Spanish. Italian. It’d be easier if I could just get a chip installed in my brain. Or if I had someone to actually speak to.

That reminds me. Hilarious moment of ineptitude. We were sitting in class, chatting in pairs, and my partner went over into English to ask me something. I started replying but alas, in Afrikaans. My brain just skidded to a halt and went ‘uh, wait, wrong one!’ That hasn’t happened to me in years.

I’ll probably never be able to flip through other languages the way I do with English and Afrikaans, but if I could just get a decent level of competency up where I don’t need a reference, and where I can actually read properly, I’ll be happy.

There was something else I was going to say but it has clean popped out of my head. Work still sucks. I have extreme difficulty waking up in the mornings. And I have gone off food. That’s about it. Further updates as events warrant.

Music: Hate this and I'll love you - Muse

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