Monday, February 28, 2011

We keep it down with the radio on

From the other side of an epic weekend, I bid thee welcome. I’m sore, sunburned and my energy is starting to flag just a little but I’m happy to report that I had so much fun. Not even the fact that a huntsman climb through my open car window this morning could damage my mood (freak me out, yes - but I’m proud that I managed to stay entirely calm. I threw open my door, it climbed back to the other side of the window which I quickly wound up, and then the guy in the car next to me jumped out, shoe in hand, to flick it off the car. We were united in our spider hate and triumphed over the hideous evil.)

Things kicked off bright and early Saturday with a trip to Kiama – a picturesque area that is utterly boring, like pretty much all of the South Coast. It was a family outing, as we all headed down to help out at the Kiama Rugby Sevens tournament. I highly recommend you go watch Sevens rugby if you have a chance – it’s tons of fun, and the speed of the game makes it perfect for a day out – kinda like 20/20 cricket. We were right behind the try line which made me slightly nervous, a valid response as I very nearly avoided being tackled. A quick roll to the right meant only the drinks thing was taken out – that would have left a nice bruise, I’m sure. Anywhoodle, I did a bunch of walking up and down in my role as fetcher and carrier, took my extra lense so I tried out taking action photos of all the goings on, and generally had a lovely time. The field is right next to the beach so after their matches the guys would all traipse down for a swim/surf. By 4pm, there were a lot of guys just wandering around in towels. Now, at the risk of sounding utterly shallow, there were some finely sculpted specimens on show. Had Jared Leto wandered in with his shirt off, he would not have drawn any special attention. I’m just reporting on the facts here, don’t look at me like that. At least I was there on official business and wearing more clothes than any other female my age/younger – you should see some of the girls, I don’t know what they’re thinking. It utterly baffles me. I’ve never been a girl inclined to that sort of attention seeking, though my cousins all were. They’d go off flaunting themselves, and I’d sit around and read haha. Sums me up really. Anyway, it achieves nothing. I was my usual emo self, minding my own business, and got picked up anyway, so why bother?

What you should bother with, however, is sunscreen. It was a lovely sunny day but I’d taken just a little too long to lather up, and now my left arm is pink. Bah. Only on the outside, from my sleeve to my watch, so it’s this really demented tan line. Annoyed and determined not to make it worse, I wore approximately half a bottle of sunscreen to Soundwave yesterday. Actually, the shirtless boys encountered here were in stark contrast to the shirtless boys from Saturday. And they lost. By a mile. I know, I know. I’m a traitor to my kind. This post will be way too long if I included the SW write-up, so it be here.

Music: The Queen of Lower Chelsea - The Gaslight Anthem

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