Monday, February 7, 2011

Leave the front light on

I'm not going to lie to you, internet, I feel a little sorry for myself today. Not only is it Monday yet again, the start of another boring week of the same frakking nonsense, but also....actually, I think that's it. I just am not ready for another week yet. Friday was a hellish day and I need some more time off to face this *indicates to office* They are totally killing me here. If this was ye olde times, I'd be allowed the honour of falling on my pen...swords being in short supply, as it were.

Of course, I arrive to work this morning with an inbox still devoid of any client material (two weeks behind deadline now, yay) but never fear, there is talk about giving me more work to do on the website (wouldn't be so bad if it was actually a functional site and not a buggy mess that takes forever to update - to wit, it took me four hours to update it this morning. Yes, I talk like this now, reading tons of classical theory apparently does that) AND, and if this isn't the cherry on top of my cake of woe, they are considering pushing back ad deadlines. This means I will have no time to chase clients between ads being booked and editorial being due. When I voiced my concerns over this, I was asked why I couldn't just do it during sub week. Yes, because that's working out so well for us this issue, isn't it? Two weeks behind. Bah. They just don't get how useless clients are. Anyway, I refuse to do it. I refuse to place myself under such stress for nothing. They will either have to cut my workload, by cutting one of my mags, or I will leave. I am, after all, just one measly human being. I know I do a good job pretending I'm not, but that is still what I am.

So we shall see what comes of it, I suppose. In the meantime, I'll try to keep my head above water with what I've got. Ad reps are destroying me with their late sales, one in particular. Then there's the psycho woman who has a meltdown every five minutes and is like a dog chasing a bicycle. These two reps are responsible for most people leaving the company. I'm engaged in a war of fake niceties and pretend adherence to the rules. It's a war of attrition, that's what it is.

But it's ok. It's ok. A little over three months, I'll have been here a year, that's the first mark to get to. Five more after that, and I'll be on the opposite side of the world of this miserable hellhole (yes, dive right off the melodrama deep-end.) Deep breaths. With a little luck, I may just make it out of here with my soul still intact.

In the meantime, my drives to work are proving very creative at the moment. I came up with another novel idea this morning that I'm burning to write. Wish there was a way of actually getting ideas onto paper by themselves, cause I just don't have time to actually write. I'm focusing on Amped at the moment anyway, if I get distracted by other projects, it all ends in nothing getting done. But! Wrote it down! So maybe some time in the future, I'll get round to it.

I've realised that every time I mention Jared Leto, my post hits go up. So, I'm testing it to see if this one gets hits too. But, not to be entirely cruel and fickle, have this. It cracks me up so much. Matching hair, matching shoes, matching suitcase....hell, even the cars in the background match. What have we learnt? I may be feeling sorry for myself but I'm still very easily amused.

Music: The Cool - The Gaslight Anthem

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  1. Hang in there dude. You'll make it out alive :)

    Hahaha Leto looks like a strange smurf character.