Thursday, February 17, 2011

Always up or down

Oh Jared Leto, you crack me up. It’s a serious concern.

Actually, don’t think I mentioned it, but in my noble quest to find loltastic Leto moments, I discovered he has an assistant (here she is holding his umbrella [that’s not a euphemism, christ people, get your mind out of the gutter – yes, I’m giggling cause I am 12…and love Torchwood]) Do any other rock stars have assistants? How does one even get such a job? I can’t say I’ve ever seen it advertised on Seek.
WANTED: One rock star assistant. Must be able to locate good coffee by blind instinct alone, be capable of wrangling overzealous fans, and deal with obnoxious people on the internet. High tolerance for grandstanding and self-involvement highly regarded. Send CV with references, and cover letter stating why you think you’re right for this job, to
I’m sure it’s absolutely horrible Devil-Wears-Prada-y overworking and under-appreciating, and a lot of getting coffee and standing around waiting/being annoyed, but you get to travel and attend so many gigs. I can do that! Travelling circuses are my thing. So. Rock stars of the world, take note. Hire me. I can run your life. And I promise not to mock you online.

Anyway, hello. Life is vexing. My work computer is having a major meltdown and IT ignored me yesterday so alas, it's dragged into today – frustrating not least of all because I can’t get to my files, but also because I know what’s wrong with it, having fixed a similar thing on my laptop last year. But oh no, can’t touch the work stuff, have to wait twenty bazillion fucking years for the one overworked guy to come look at it *rolls eyes* Meanwhile, stay away from Java. I’m serious. It is the devil. Or at least possessed by the devil. Despite not having my own computer, I was actually super productive today. Got a ton done, very pleased with that at least.

I wrote a blog yesterday shortly before my computer had this meltdown. It’s lost to the place where unsaved word docs go now. Mostly I was just lamenting my car, so I suppose the blogosphere hasn’t been deprived of much.

I’ve decided on my new car. The one I’m getting once I return from my ‘gap’ year and get a job again, I mean. Jack, I fear, won’t be around. He’s served me well over the time I’ve had him, but he’s old – naming him after Captains who pull of miraculous escapes/return from the dead was obviously a good call. Or a curse, I can never quite decided. Those paying attention will know I paid another visit to the mechanic on Saturday – had to get a new exhaust. I was very pleased with myself for organising all this by myself and getting it done for the price quoted to me. Such a nice change! There was a small hiccup when the garage I’d originally organised with wasn’t even open when I was told to bring the car over, but luckily I found a mechanic closer to home who did a more comprehensive job for cheaper. So I still consider it a win.

Thing with Jack is, he really is old. 21 this year, and he’s done a lot of kms. I’ve had him for about seven, a long time in my family for a car. All things considered, it’s been fine, but now he requires near constant upkeep. Every two months it seems like something else needs doing, eating away my trip savings. I fear the starter or the gearbox will go next - he’s very slow on the changeover and on really hot days, it’s a struggle to get out of third (or past 80km/h). We’ve fiddled with it and can’t see any major trouble, but you never really know. And if the gearbox does go, well I’m not replacing it. It’s just not worth it. I’m reminded of that Top Gear episode where James and Jeremy are discussing service bills and Jeremy’s turns out to be £15,000 and James says, ‘What? Did he buy you a Golf?’ Which, incidentally, is what I intend on doing.

So there you go – that’s the car story, sort of. Blogosphere didn’t miss out after all (what a loss it would have been too *cough*)

All other things remain the same. No real news that is not a giant whine about work...because it is an awful trial at the moment. Had a major clash with one of the ad reps shortly after the last blog was posted (and not the one I was waiting on an email from, oh no, I have two being pains). She was just carrying on so much and wouldn’t listen, and kept pushing and pushing, and eventually it reached the point where I was either going to punch her or cry. In the hopes of avoiding assault charges, I settled for the latter. So embarrassing. Luckily it’s just me and the deputy editor in the office, so it’s contained embarrassment. I loathe crying, but you know sometimes when you’re just so angry and frustrated that it has to come out somehow? Well it was like that. I’m annoyed that I let her get to me so much, but I’m stretched pretty thin at the moment and don’t want to deal with this kind of needless drama. And it really is needless, she’s just a melodramatic bitch. I don’t understand why workplaces keep people like her around – she creates a toxic work environment and drives others away. Nearly everyone working with her has quit or asked to be transferred. I’ve been in this job nine months and this is the first time she’s really riled me – apparently that’s a new record.

Gah. I’m just ignoring her now.

Whinge whinge whine whine blah. What fun. Thankfully it’s almost weekend. There’s a bright light on the horizon! Hanging with the girls on Saturday, and that is always a good thing.

Top 10 will be late tomorrow. Busy with other things at the moment.

One last thing -
Draw nigh, that thou mayest sooner enter the toils of destruction.
Don't know why, but I love that.

Music: Down and out - The Academy Is...

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