Sunday, February 13, 2011

The road is life

I fear I am doomed to never be happy. All I want to do is everything, know everything, see everywhere. Touch, taste, feel, live everything. That's what I want from life, that's what I dream about. I don’t care if I never own a house, I don’t care if I never have any money, and that I’ll grow old one day and probably be completely broke. I just want to own the world, on my own terms, in my own peculiar way, and never be tied to anything. You may call me naïve, unrealistic, idealistic, whatever. I know you’re probably right. But that’s what I want, what I crave. I will never be happy in an office, never be happy with convention. I know because I’m never as happy as when I’m traveling. I like the person I am then, I like the challenges, the highs and the lows. I even like how I miss home when I’m away. At the end of the day, Sydney is my heart, my home, it’s a place I love and will always return to. I don’t want to live anywhere else really, but I also don’t want to be tied to it indefinitely. But as the saying goes, a wise traveler never despises his own country. I don’t know. I just…want. Give me life, give me everything. I have the heart of a gypsy, and I fear I won’t ever be able to settle for less. It’s impossible, maybe, probably, I know that. But I want to give it a damn good try anyway.


Music: Into the West - Annie Lennox

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