Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Made it harder just to go on

I'm through accepting limits, because someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but until I try, I'll never know.

Current Status -
Urge to kill: Moderate with rapid increase expected.
Urge to cry: High.

I'm not going to bore the world with more negativity regarding my current relationship with my work. Suffice it to say that on the inside I'm sitting in the corner, rocking backwards and forwards. Currently trying to get my leave approved, which is a much bigger drama than I expected. Sigh. But I need the holiday! I'm this close to running a rep over in the parking lot.

Definitely within the "extremely busy" part of the schedule at the moment, so I don't actually have anything else to report. I'm feeling a little under the weather, but suspect it may just be tiredness.

In other news, I've purchased what I resolve to be my last gig ticket for the year. Utterly depressing, but a necessary move if I want to have anywhere near a reasonable amount saved for the trip. As my car insists on continually sapping my savings, this is the best I can come up with. On that note, if any social outing requires more than $20 from me, I'll decline. Sorry, but Miser!Jen has taken control of my finances. I'm not very good at saving, extreme measures are necessary.

Oh yes, did I mention I am now going to Soundwave despite swearing backwards and forwards that I would never go anywhere near it again after the horror of 2010? I'm so fickle. And I regret it already. But I got the ticket on the cheap, and it's moved to a venue that's actually equipped to handle a festival crowd, as it has proved with the Big Day Out over the years. I don't have to worry about traffic/driving and, since The Gaslight Anthem are the second act to perform for the day, I'll happily be able to wander around without worrying about the epic fuck up that always happen with the set times. All things considered, it stops me spending even more money on other gigs. So there we go - another horrid festival experience awaits. Current plan is to get my pop-punk on during the day, and check out the big names in the evening. Seems a bit cruel to put anyone on with Iron Maiden, but both Mayday Parade and Less Than Jake are on during their set (as is The Bronx and Protest The Hero.) Actually quite psyched for Queens of the Stone Age, having never seen them before. I'll probably be dead at work the next day. And I'll probably complain. Don't feel sorry for me.

Right. Lunch over. Back to work. Or rocking backwards and forwards in the corner. Same thing really. Oh yes, here's the gratuitous Leto reference for the day...

I don't even know.
- Jen, what are you doing? See this face - this is my 'my brother is an idiot' face.
- I know Shannon, I know.

(Just so you know, this Leto thing has now become a running joke for me. It's my equivalent of David Tennant's constant 'ye olde' commentary on The Shakespeare Code. I find it endlessly amusing, but I doubt anyone else does. Sorry bout that.)

Music: Defying Gravity - Wicked

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