Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Won the world at a carnival

I have been feeling decidedly less than well the last two days. Yesterday was…painful. That is the only way to put it. Dragged myself entirely unwillingly through the day. Who decided the work week should be split 5/2? That’s not a fair split at all. 4/3 would be much better. When I am supreme ruler of the universe, I’ll definitely change that.

My main concern at the moment is how incredibly tired I am. Despite sleeping a whole lot more than I normally do, I’m still exhausted. Perhaps the extra sleeping is causing the prolonged tiredness? I don’t know but I am not amused. As those who know me well are aware, I consider sleep an incredible waste of time. Enjoyable, sure, but hours are just thrown away! Anyway, if you’ve been wondering why I’ve disappeared offline lately, that’s the reason. That and the chronic headaches. I’ve been trying to give my eyes a bit of a rest and not stare at a computer for sixteen hours hours a day (you think I’m exaggerating, that’s cute).

Other than that, life is treating me well. I had a wonderful day hanging with M and R on Sunday. We ventured out to La Perouse for brunch and when the clouds let up for a bit, we made full use of it by storming the beach. Of course, in typical us fashion, we weren’t exactly prepared for a beach visit and after a valiant effort to soak up some sun, we had to admit defeat and went shopping instead. We finally ended up playing board games and watching Indian tv, as you do. Overall, muchos fun.

I’d like to organise a proper beach day at some point but with the weather being so utterly woeful and unpredictable, I suspect it is a lost cause.

Ok I shouldn’t complain about the weather, things being so awful up in Queensland and all. The state has been hit by horrendous floods that have destroyed many towns, some areas have a river peak of 20 meters while another received something like 150ml of rain in two hours. For those of you unfamiliar with the humongous nature of this crazy country, here be a slightly outdated map.  Last I heard, the affected area is reported to be the size of Germany and France combined.

After the flash flooding of Toowoomba yesterday, they’re expecting Brisbane to flood as well. Thanks to work, I know a whole lot of people in the affected areas and I hope everyone is staying safe. It’s not just the water either, there are bugs and snakes and other fun, deadly things to watch out for. Hundreds and hundreds of snakes. Of course this affects the whole country in the end as prime industries like mining and agriculture have taken a huge hit. I shudder to think what’s going to happen to grocery prices. Since I’m on the topic, you can donate to the flood relief appeal here.

More photos of the madness and destruction at The Brisbane Times site.

In the face of that, anything I say will probably sound incredibly trivial. So let’s leave it there, shall we? Busy week ahead.

Music: She had the world - Panic At The Disco

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