Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everything's small on the ground below

I have done nothing I wanted to this weekend. Not amused with myself at all. All I managed was to work out a vague itinerary for the NZ trip with a list of activities for each place. Mostly this involves me abandoning the parentals and going on various LOTR tours. Let your fandom run wild and free! There are also of course volcano treks, jetboats, bungy jumping, giant swings, cruising and scenic flights to consider. For such a small country, there really is quite a lot happening.

Other than that, I spent Saturday afternoon in L’s esteemed company, lunching and shopping. Not that I have any money to shop, but it’s nice to look anyway. I’ve realised that Stella McCartney clothes seem to have been made for me. They fit me so well! Also got a whole stack of travel brochures – somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m constantly planning the big trip. It terrifies me, but I look forward to it as well. Odd feeling.

Travel brochures make me insanely restless though. I look at them and just wonder why I can’t do everything, why I can’t do that for a living. Being forever stuck in one place, doing one thing, trying to save enough money to do what you really want to do…it’s a cruel fate we’re subject to. I’m a gypsy at heart, if only I wasn’t entirely superficial as well.

I headed to the Gaelic – definitely one of my favourite venues – to catch Ben Jorgensen’s set. As some of you may know, Ben was lead singer for Armor For Sleep, one of the major bands of the emo heyday that I unfortunately never got to see live. I’ve been so out of the scene, I didn’t even know they’d broken up. Or maybe I did know but had forgotten. Either way, they have and he’s touring on his own. Great selection of songs. I shamefully don’t know any of his solo stuff, but I will be checking it out now. Ben is such a lovely, lovely boy. Sigh. Yes, I do want to kidnap him. Yes, I know I say this every time and am boring and repetitive.

Now, you there, in the back, pay attention! Here’s a list of upcoming gigs I would enjoy company for (ones in bold are the favoured ones, the others are options) –

7 Feb: Two Door Cinema Club @ The Enmore
8 Feb: Deerhunter @ The Metro
9 Feb: Foals @ The Metro
11 Feb: The Getaway Plan @ The Metro
12 Feb: Andrew McMahon @ The Metro (if I'm in Sydney, I'm def going)
16 Feb: Kate Nash @ The Metro
20 Feb: M. Ward @ The Enmore
23 Feb: Kisschasy @ Roundhouse
28 Feb: The Gaslight Anthem @ The Metro
1 March: Mayday Parade @ Forum
2 March: We The Kings @ The Metro
8 March: The Hold Steady @ The Metro
9 March: Wavves @ Manning Bar
7 April: Against Me! @ The Metro
14 April: Ben Folds @ Sydney Theatre

Better get those gig fixes now cause once festival season is over, things will be as dull and bereft as always.

I'm still waiting on two t-shirts I bought in December to arrive. Bit worried since the one I ordered last showed up two weeks ago, yet no sign of these two. Don't get lost shirts, I love you!

Anyway, plan for the week: work on short story again, do research for essay, organise interviews and articles, and get my profile organised. Best bit? Public holiday on Wednesday! Woo, short week!

Music: Gifts and Curses - Yellowcard


  1. I now have Gypsies Tramps and Thieves stuck in my head thank you very much.

    I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show,
    Mama used to dance for the money they'd throw,
    Papa would do whatever he could, preach a little gospel, sell a bottle of Doctor Good.

  2. I'm sorry that's all you got out of that :P