Monday, January 17, 2011

Heart speeds up endlessly

You know, life's pretty fabulous at the moment. Even though it's Monday, the start of another dreary, repetitive work week, I'm feeling rather chipper. I guess a good weekend will do that to you.

It all kicked off on Friday when a group of us girls from work went out to dinner at a gorgeous tapas place at Walsh Bay. I wasn't particularly keen but it turned out to be really enjoyable, and it was nice to get to spend more time with them, seeing as I am always in my little office on my own. They invited me along to clubbing the following night, but as I already had plans with M and R during the day, I didn't think I'd make it – correctly too, as it turned out.

We three had made tentative plans to go to the beach – of course this meant that it was overcast and rainy. Just our luck! I picked up my glasses and did a bit of shopping before meeting them at R's place and heading out to lunch and movie watching. When all else fails, there is always movie watching. We saw Morning Glory, in which Rachel McAdams plays an excruciatingly awkward producer for a breakfast tv show and Harrison Ford plays himself. Ok not really, but by all reports he is just as cranky in real life. It has quite a few good laughs and I know there was one point where the three of us were giggling uncontrollably, but I have to say that the awkwardness at the start of it is so painful to watch. We spent the evening watching tv and R finally got to see the first two eps of Sherlock. I think she's coming round to my Cumberbatch appreciation.

Sunday, we were off to the farm. Four girls piled into M's car, and we set off to Exeter. It was beyond lovely. In fact, I could never even have anticipated how lovely a day it was. Mind you, why M puts up with us, I don't know. We were so bratty, asking whether we could stop for ice cream, doubting her sense of direction and generally just whining about her not stopping at McDonalds. Kids have nothing on us! We got to the farm around midday, gathered all the supplies in the 4WDs and set off to the spot where A and his friends had camped the previous night.

After getting a fire going, the mistake was made of putting me and R in charge of turning the meat over – in our defence, it was already burnt by the time we got down there to turn it over the first time. Not our fault *cough* We relaxed, ate, stopped complaining about hungry we were, sweltered in the heat, laughed, chatted and played Uno. As you do. Once R and A had quite enough of arguing about rules and winning, we set off to feed the cows. Here's where we learnt a valuable lesson – hay, like sand, gets everywhere. We also learnt R doesn't particularly like cows very much – at least not when they're circling the truck, demanding to be fed. Well, as demanding as they can be, they're a skittish lot.

Anyway, it was really fun and relaxing. I have a faint sunburn to remind me of it. I definitely won't pass up to opportunity to head out there again. See, country air is good for you, even if that means you don't have any reception.

Nice day for a picnic
Cow goes mooooo!
Right, who's rounding up the cattle?

A's friends had a pit bike down there with them and I've pretty much decided to buy one. It's a small off-roader, a mini dirt bike really, obviously not for road use, but seeing as I just want to learn how to manage the gears and such, I don't see why it wouldn't work. It's much cheaper than a full-sized bike, and also has the benefit of being a lot closer to the ground when I fall off it. I've seen them around before and always thought they were kids' bikes, haha. I'm looking for a second hand one (apparently you can get them for around $300) with little luck so far, so I'll ask the Blink Revival Crew for help and opinions this afternoon. I'm a bit careful about it because I don't want to buy something that needs to be fixed up – while I'm sure dad will love it, Jack requires all the funds I have for mechanical extracurriculars, I can't work on a bike as well. Speaking of Jack, he needs new brake pads. You see, there's always something.

Right, so, back to work for me. I spent an insubordinate amount of money this weekend. Not sure how I managed that, but I better start behaving!

Music: Everything's magic - Angels & Airwaves


  1. im so glad u guys enjoyed it! i was a little worried it might have been too dirty for u guys, but u guys totally braved the hay throwing hahah. U guys were fine, trust me, ive been thru worst.

    next time u come down, ill ask Mitch if u can have a little ride around the block on the dirt bike :)

  2. I had such a good time hun! Next time you head up there again, take me with you pleaaaase :D Yay for hay, haha. I'm totally cool with dirt, when I am prepared for it.

  3. A pit bike??? *Crosses self*. You can't wear a bridesmaid's dress with a CAST!

  4. Bahaha you sound like my mum! Pit bikes are *tiny*! They can do like 70km/h max, if even that much. While it can still burn me if it fell on me, I highly doubt it could crush me. I solemnly swear not to break any bones *soothes*