Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The storm is coming in

I have had the worst fucking day. I can’t even talk about it. Add the fact that I’m still sick and can now add almost permanent nausea to my list of delightful symptoms, and I’m about ready to throw myself off the nearest tall building. But I can’t really be bothered being that extreme, so I’ll settle for sleeping forever.

Also, sad as it is to admit it, there is no way I can go overseas by the end of this year. Shit keeps happening that I need to pay for and my savings have depleted in such a way that calling them savings is quite laughable.

Just….gah. I feel like I’m doomed to constantly walk in one spot and never actually get anywhere. And somehow in all this, I must find motivation to finish my goddamn uni assignments so I can at least say I did something with my life. If earning three useless pieces of paper is actually doing something. Jury’s still out on that one.

Music: Rain on the warehouse roof


  1. Right. I am taking you out for copious amounts of chocolate when I'm back from Melbourne - my treat. Tuesday or Wednesday best for you? You're awesome and fantastic and utterly brilliant... with somewhat feeble immune system. Will talk to my peeps to see if they have any suggestions for getting you better ASAP.