Monday, May 16, 2011

Gods? Oh, we are so, so screwed

To state what must be blatantly obvious by now, I’m a leeetle obsessed with Supernatural. I love it to an extreme degree (and am stupidly happy they’ve renewed it for a 7th season, even though I haven’t even seen the 6th one yet) but sometimes they do things that make me stop and go ‘wait, what?’ Like one of the episodes I watched last week called ‘Hammer of the Gods’ – there be spoilers in this post, so don’t read it if you care about that sort of thing and have any intention of watching this show.

You're so clever show! I love you.
I took one look at the name of the motel and thought, ‘Oh hey, this must be about Greek gods!’ Close, but not quite. Well, Mercury is in it and he's sort of related to the Greek god Hermes, but I think he’s generally not very impressive.

And he’s not very impressive in this episode either. I was more thinking along the lines of Apollo or Athena, Ares even – though I suppose if we start messing around with the god of war, it’ll get all mixed up with the Horsemen. ANYWAY. No Greek gods. Sadface.

But it’s not all lame messenger gods (sorry Mercury), the real orchestrators of this episode is Baldur, a Norse god, and Kali, a pretty kick-ass Hindu godess. It’s all very American Gods. Brilliant. Also in attendance at this lovely pagan feast is Ganesh, Zao Shen and Baron Samedi. No gathering would be completely without…

Odin, of course. The cause of my ‘wait, what?’ moment. Just bear with me. No sooner had those silly Winchesters gotten themselves captured by the god squad than who shows up?

Gabriel! My favourite archangel (but second favourite angel overall because no one can touch Castiel. Obviously.) But seeing as all the gods have gathered to discuss how to best get rid of the angels (Exterminate! Exterminate! Exter- oh wait, wrong fandom), they clearly don’t know what Gabriel is. In fact, they call him Loki.

Loki is actually very apt for Gabriel, he is the Trickster and all, but I’ve got a slight problem with this. For one thing, wouldn’t Odin recognise him? Even if he is possessing a different form, surely he’d know if it was actually Loki. They've got history. Also, in some tales Loki was behind Baldur’s death – so Baldur must actually know him as well (even if he’s not dead in this version.) Or are we supposed to assume that none of them actually know Loki to be able to tell if it’s him or not? Or just take his word for the fact that he is who he says he is even though he looks nothing like he’s meant to?

Okay, so I’m reading too much into it. I just though Odin should really know, they were pretty close and he is supposed to be wise, but hey.

Not that any of it matters really, because Mercury sucks and calls Lucifer. He really doesn’t play well with others, that one. I know he’s Satan and all, but out of everything he’s done and everything he’s meant to be, nothing made me blindingly angry until he did this -

Bastard! That was so unnecessary! He was your brother and look what you did. That’s why no one likes you, you prat. And that’s why you can’t have Sam Winchester, they actually get that whole family bond thing. Rawr. [DO NOT correct that if it’s wrong. Don’t tell me anything about how this ends. I don’t want to know! Aaaah!]

That’s one of the things I find most fascinating about this show. It really is all about family, about the bonds that unite people. It’s what holds everything together. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated by this whole angel mythology as well (and that really is what roped me into this show, as well as Dean’s priceless facial expressions) because even there, it’s all about family. Brothers and sisters up against brothers and sisters. Some of them don’t care, but it destroys others, and that’s very relatable.

Angels are often treated as these untouchable beings and while they’re certainly otherworldly in SPN, they’re also quite vulnerable. At least the ones who’ve been consorting with humans for a while seem to be. And I love that God’s just sort of packed up and pissed off cause he’s had enough. I’ve often wondered why the Doctor hasn’t done exactly that. Humans, man. We’re an exhausting bunch.

This show is such a contradiction. The last couple of eps before ‘Hammer’ have been so tough. It broke my heart to see Castiel’s faith shatter like that – it was hard enough when it was Jimmy, but to see it in Cas…ugh. And a hopeless Dean is a terrible thing to see. Emo is the province of Sam, and there it should stay. I was practically in tears when they had their little re-bonding moment in ‘Point of No Return.’ Curse you, silly show!

Anyway, I have one more episode left. I'm putting off watching it cause I know it's going to be a bucket of angst and sadness. And Season 6 watching is scheduled as a marathon in June. So, I have to weigh up my curiosity with my withdrawal symptoms. Sigh. I fear for my sanity.

To end, have some lovely Castiel. He's very proud of himself - he took a bus!

What have they done to you, Castiel? Just come here and let me hug you already.

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