Sunday, May 15, 2011

Middle Earth: The Condensed Version

A month has passed since I first left for NZ, and I’ve been back almost two weeks without posting. The horror. Blogger has been down a lot though, so it’s not entirely my doing. All those posts going up were luckily scheduled waaaay in advance. But anyway, that is neither here nor there. Trip recap time!

As has no doubt been assumed, I had an absolutely brilliant time adventuring around NZ, one of the most beautiful countries I’ve had the privelege of visiting. As far as holidays go, I really couldn't ask for better.

Some memorable moments include:
- Horse riding through Lothlorien/Amon Hen in the rain
- Visiting Hobbiton
- Taking a helicopter flight over the glaciers
- Walking into Dan Carter in Nelson (and being utterly frozen in shock)
- Getting caught in a massive wind storm in Taupo and being without power
- Narrowly avoiding destroying the campervan on a number of occassions
- Awful wine tastings
- Soaking in the thermal baths of Rotorua
- Breakfasting at scenic spots along the road
- Seeing the Southern Alps the first time
- Driving through the first snow of the season on our way to Te Anau
- Being swarmed by sandflies while waiting to take a flying fox across a gorge
- Marvelling at the many lakes
- Oh so much Lord of the Rings fangirling
- Having a wonderful time catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in ten years

It really was a wonderful trip and I would highly recommend NZ to anyone. While both islands are fascinating and the locals very friendly, my heart belongs to the South Island. It is breathtaking and just one of those places that leaves its mark. It’s not a matter of if I’ll go back, but rather when. It's close and there are no pesky visa dramas - definite win! I wouldn't mind living there for a spell either really. When I was little I had this fantasy of living in Lucerne – now I'm thinking Queenstown's got quite a bit going for it...

Anywho, have some photos - as per usual, I took far too many.

Canterbury Plains

The Church of the Good Shepard, Tekapo

View from Mt John Observatory
Lake Tekapo from Mt John
Lake Tekapo
Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

On the way to Glenorchy/Paradise
Starting the Ride of the Rings
Watch the Uruk-Hai army march out of Isengard and you'll recognise this view.
Mountains, Gandalf!

Milford Sound

Arrowtown - this is the spot Arwen challenges the Nazgul just so btw
Snow landing on Fox Glacier

Buller Gorge Swingbridge - the longest in the world. I took the flying fox back across.
My boys playing in Nelson. And losing. Sigh.
Orakei Korako Thermal Field on way to Rotorua

Early morning, Lake Rotorua
And finally, there was Auckland.

Music: Wherefore art thou, Elvis? - The Gaslight Anthem


  1. jen, these pictures are amazing!!!

  2. Thanks hun! It's hard to take a bad pic over there. I'll post some more up on Flickr when I get a chance :)