Monday, March 21, 2011

What visage are you in now, holy tax accountant?

Dear blogosphere,

I have a confession to make. I am hopelessly obsessed with Supernatural. I know, I know. I said it wasn’t something I could ever get into. But that was almost two years ago, and I was still smarting at other betrayals. People change.

Now, generally speaking, I still consider SPN to be the Hardy Boys to Charmed’s Nancy Drew, but when they’re having so much fun, who even cares? And that really is the best thing about this show – it is just a whole lot of fun. A whole lot of creepy too, but nothing that’s not tempered by the good times. There’s a real sense that it doesn’t take itself too seriously – and not in a detrimental way that strips it of meaning or levels it to kitsch, but just in a really enjoyable along-for-the-ride way. And it’s so old school rock n roll. Brilliant.

But rather than trying to express my new found adoration for this show in words, I’ll just raid youtube instead.

This episode is art. That is all.

'The Monster At The End Of This Book' is also fabulous. Meta-madness. How many people would write a slash reference into their show? I'm thinking not many. Some people knock Eric Kripke and the other producers and writers on this show for paying attention to fans the way they do. I think it’s hilarious. Just that little nod to say we know you’re out there. And it’s nice, you know? Not because I think fans should necessarily have a say in what happens in their favourite shows (or in fact that they have any given right to be acknowledged), but it’s just nice.

The there's Castiel. Sigh. Ignore the whole Luke/Vader thing in this vid, it's the only one I could find of this scene and I just love the head tilt so much. I have come to the conclusion that Misha Collins is an under-appreciated genius. Never would I have thought that a simple head tilt could cause me such glee. Everything about Castiel is perfection. Just love. I am definitely looking forward to much more Cas time. (Also, he has the best character introduction scene possibly ever.)

With Torchwood off having delusions of grandeur, Doctor Who being on its break, and Sherlock being only three measly episodes, it seems American shows have stolen my heart. First Fringe, which I honestly think is one of the best shows around at the moment, and now Supernatural. Go Team Free Will!

I get the feeling somehow that feminists probably don’t like SPN very much *taps lip* Might have to look into that. Anyway, I’m heading into season 5 now. I just can’t seem to stop. I know a lot of people will consider this sacrilege, but I actually like it more now than I like Buffy *flinches* Don’t hurt me! Not that I don’t like Buffy, but just…comparatively speaking. Mind you, Sam is just as annoying as Buffy is in season 3. What is Sam’s major malfunction anyway? Is it so hard to see Dean’s just looking out for him? Fool! Also, these two boys are so emotionally stunted. Also also, I may possibly be just a little teeny bit too emotionally invested in Dean. Oops.

So yes, I know it’s not a show that’s taken particularly seriously…but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? You just have to enjoy the ride. And sing along. And possibly check under your bed for ghouls. And actually, drawing a salt line near your doors and windows wouldn't hurt either. Just, you know, in case.

Someone who did not do any uni work this weekend.

Dean: And that, Sam, is exactly why our lives suck. I mean come on, we hunt monsters. What the hell? Normal people, they see a monster and they run, not us. No, no, no we search out things that want to kill us, yeah, or..or eat us. You know who does that? Crazy people! We are insane!!
- Yellow Fever

Sam: Are we... should we... are we gonna kill this teddy bear?
Dean: How? Do we shoot it, burn it?
Sam: I don't know. Both?
Dean: How do we even know that's gonna work? I mean I don't want some giant, flaming, pissed-off teddy on our hands.
Sam: Yeah. Besides, I get the feeling that the bear isn't really the, you know, core problem here.
- Wishful Thinking

Come here show, let me hug you.

Music: Whole lotta love - Led Zeppelin

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