Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dreamers of dreams

Ugh, when am I going to learn to stop drinking vodka? It leaves the most god-awful aftertaste *dulls taste buds with copious amounts of caffeine* Gross. It's so hard when it is in my favourite cocktail though. What is a girl to do?

Anyway. Just realised that four weeks of uni have already passed. That means I only have ten to go. TEN. That's it. Then it is done. Well, for now. I found myself saying just the other day that 'I'm really looking forward to starting my PhD.' I am so insane. What is wrong with me? Actually, I need to talk to my supervisor about that whole PhD thing. Need to figure out how exactly that all works.

Oooh I also had a new idea for a novel - it involves time travel and all sorts of madness. It would require so much research, I can't even begin to explain it. But as there are three other books in the queue already, this one will just have to wait I suppose. Some days I just think it's really unfair that I can't just hook my brain up to a computer and download it all.

Which is of course why I am blogging. I'm supposed to finish two chapters today so I can send it off prior to meeting with my supervisor on Wednesday. But alas, it's raining and I'm sleepy, and therefore every instinct is saying 'Bed. Now. Thanks.' Maybe I just don't have the discipline to actually be a writer.

Um. I had something else I wanted to say. Oh yes, I want to go used book shopping! Not next weekend, I'm pretty much flat out, but Saturday after. If anyone wants to tag along shambling about Newtown. Weekend after that I'll be in NZ. Excitement. First proper holiday in aaaages. Of course I have to finish work on four issues before then, not to mention two assignments, but once I get on that plane I have resolved not to even think about work or uni - and that is why I've decided not to do Script Frenzy this year either, just so by the by.

Right. I have wasted enough time. The sooner I get these chapters done, the sooner I can do other things. Important things. Like watch Supernatural.

Music: Rain and the slosh of the dishwasher

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  1. ...why do I have so much difficulty commenting on your blog?

    Anyway, I'm totes down for used book shopping in a fortnight. And I suggest a pub lunch should also be involved. I love ze pub lunches (mainly because of the cider).