Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A turning of the season

My head is a strange, strange place. Last night I had a dream R and I were tramping around Europe and we ran into Mat and Kill Hannah. They gave us a ride to Helsinki, where we ended up drinking absinthe in a very dark bar with Ville Valo. For some reason Ville needed someone to drive his Aston Martin (I don’t know) to his wife in Germany (I really don’t know, I don’t even know if he has a wife), so of course we volunteered. R recorded the entire journey and put it up on Facebook (dreaming about social media, lame). When we got there, Kill Hannah and HIM were playing a festival (why did we have to drive the car then?) and we got passes as thanks. 30 Seconds To Mars were also playing this festival and, in the end, we somehow ended up getting a tour of Portugal from Shannon and Jared.

So, according to my dreams, touring bands are the equivalent of the Doctor – just picking up random strays and taking them all over the place.

Would be pretty epic though, you'd save a lot on travel.

Anyway, 16 days till holiday! So much to do before then, but still. Yay! And I’ve got about 12 episodes of SPN season 5 left, so I should be able to finish it before I go and then angst over S6 – it only finishes airing in the US in May (R! Must watch S1 and 2 before that, yes? Yes. There’s the long weekend in June that I think has season 6 marathon written all over it.)

On the topic, I love this. The third frame - Cas' face! And Dean's all 'Note to self: Do not punch.'

Taken from here
 Oh Castiel, I've mentioned that I love you, right?

Music: Don't carry it all - The Decemberists


  1. That would actually be a neat YA novel - a touring band that picks up strays and takes them across the country!

    Noting your love of the Doctor, did you see the two-part comic relief bit with two Amys? *lol* That was awesome!

  2. I did, yes! It was great. Can't wait for new Who :)

    I'm actually writing about a touring band at the moment, so I guess it all fits in somehow.

  3. I swear that's like the best dream ever...