Saturday, December 4, 2010

A snippet of my day

The following parental exchange just occured. Scene: I'm sitting outside writing an email, dad's watching the Ashes, and mum's pottering around the kitchen.

Dad (calling out): Hey, here's a guy for you!
Me: What?
Dad: Come look! He's a cute guy.
Me: For which side?
Dad: England.
Me: Is it Stuart Broad?
Mum: No (that long suffering 'we're not idiots' kind of no) but this England side isn't a bad looking bunch.
Me (stumbling inside): What are you talking about?
Dad: This Cook guy. He's just 25 too.
Mum: And your type as well, dark and british.
Me (watching said guy celebrating his century): Yeah...but Broad is so pretty.
Mum: Hmmm I wonder who his dad is.
Me: Why? Do you think he's another expat?
Mum: He just reminds me of Jimmy Cook. Google it.
Me: With a name like Alastair how can he not be English?
Mum: I'm just curious.
Me: I don't want - oh, alright fine. (googles) These team photos are always horrible....see, definitely english....sounds quite clever though....oh he plays the piano!
Mum: And suddenly he's the cutest guy on the team.
Me: Shut up.
Mum: Mocking is how you know I love you.

Mocking is loooove. Parents are nutters.

Music: Neighbour mowing his lawn
Mood: Sleepy

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