Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rise up and take the power back

On Thursday, Lizzie and I met up to see the illustrious Muse at the Acer Arena. It was, in a word, awesome. They brought their full Resistance tour out and it's always such a treat when bands actually bother to do that - it being such a logistical nightmare to get things to venues and all.

I'll admit that I was rather apprehensive as it started - the big reveal of the platforms was cool and all, but I could not see a piano anywhere. Then they played New Born and I was almost immediately heartbroken at the thought of being deprived this particular thrill. Oh, ye of little faith! I think Lizzie summed it up best really when she said I pulled the most manically happy face the minute Matt hopped on the piano. It's entirely true. I was glee-ing like an idiot. Not that I don't appreciate his musicality in general, everything he does is so effortless, like he was born doing it, like it's an extension of himself. But the piano is just something special.

Overall, it was an excellent set and as always, a fantastic tech show. Lots of lights, lasers, confetti, smoke, the whole lot. Moving platforms, insane visuals, rotating drum kit. It's just a great set-up all round. It's so odd how they don't really speak during their sets at all, there's very little verbal interaction with the crowd. Matt said maybe all of three sentences, which is two more than the last time I saw them, and again Dom did most of the general chitchat - even then significantly less than any other band I've seen. It's extremely minimal. Yet Matt still gets the crowd to respond to him, so he clearly has the whole enigmatic frontman thing down. Maybe he just hypnotised everyone with his reflective tinfoil suit. It's just interesting in comparison with some of other bands at the same level.

It was a great gig and I completely enjoyed it. I'm still amazed that three people (well four if you count the guy lurking in the background) can make so much noise. Speaking of noise, Biffy Clyro opened and tore it up. I did not expect them to be that loud. Brilliant set though, I was very pleased. They're doing a show at the Factory tonight but I had other commitments, so I'm glad I got a chance to see them. I'd say the aussie weather wasn't agreeing with their scottish sensibilities, but then Simon is always running around shirtless anyway. So yes. Good gig. Great night. Go team.

Warning: Matt's reflective clothing can cause blindness.
Muse Setlist Acer Arena, Sydney, Australia 2010, Resistance Australian Tour
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I'm in quite the chipper mood. Things took a charming turn. Now off to book club. I have sangria and dessert. I am clearly the best guest everrrr.

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