Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Smile for the morning light

Merry (belated) Christmas!

I hope everyone had a lovely time and are enjoying the festive season which inevitably always drags out until New Years. Prosit! *clinks wine glass*

I've been on a much needed, and deserved, break from the interwebz for the duration. It's been brilliant and laid back, starting with a fun dinner with family friends on Christmas Eve and family time on Christmas Day. I've been quite spoilt this year, and am best described as a happy little geek fangirl, if ever there was such a thing. Along with many dvds and chocolate (naturally), I've also acquired a sonic screwdriver torch, the Eleven Doctors figure set, the Sims 3 (yes, I may never see daylight again) and a 1TB My Book external hard drive. Like I said, happiest little geek fangirl. The figure set amuses me to no end because apparently my father wasn't keen on buying it for me and would only do so after he received approval from other people in the shop. Win.

Not been up to much, really. Chillaxing, catching up on a ton of television and film watching, doing some writing and sleeping in till midday. If the weather was better, I'd be lazing about outside but it's been rather miserable and wintery. Can't have it all!

What else? Let's see....Oh, the Doctor Who christmas special A Christmas Carol was actually shown on Boxing Day, fantastically brilliant to actually get to see it around Christmas time for a change, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Much better than the specials we were subjected to last year - you deserved better Ten! The trailer for next season looked absolutely epic, but of course new Who in all its forms is always a very welcome thing.

On the social front, I ventured out for a lovely impromptu movie session at R's, much fun as always, and managed to catch up with L yesterday. Watched The King's Speech which is every bit as brilliant as everyone's been saying, and I highly recommend it. Much love for Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and Geoffrey Rush. Tomorrow I have to clear out my desk, something I've been putting off for months, and also maybe, possibly tackle my wardrobe (woe). I will of course also be attempting the obligatory end of year lists and resolutions, blah blah all that. Still can't quite believe another year is over already. Time, you fickle thing!

Random things. I was stumbling about Tumblr this morning and came across this -

Dear Steven Moffat - You have convinced me that the world is full of tall, skinny, socially awkward genius men with ridiculous hair and a geeky love of science-y things. I expect the delivery of mine forthwith. Thanks very much.

Haha! Tis funny cause it’s true. C’mon Steven, don’t hold back now.

Tumblr also delivered this -

Leading to a moment of 'Heeeeey, I've been there, I sat on that grass, I got sunburned on that grass!'

It's the little things, people. The little things.

Now I must really be excused as I need to finalise the NZ trip. I'm so stupidly excited about that, it's silly, I know. My number one rule is not to look forward to anything, and I've already managed to break it with this. Fail. But it is something I've been wanting to do for so long, I can't seem to help myself. Sigh.  Ah well.

Au revoir ma cheris, fais de beaux reves.

Music: A little's enough - Angels and Airwaves

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