Thursday, February 18, 2010

There are 372 unread items in my Google Reader

My quote of the day:
"...there's a lot of debate between fans as to the similarities and differences of [Joss Whedon and Russell T Davies], but as far as I'm concerned, THEY KILL WHAT I LOVE, and that's as far as the debate goes for me."

Haha QFT. I'm going to send my cousin the first season of new Who, she's twelve and she lives an empty life without it, I tells you. I'm also sending her books, let it not be said that I do not attempt to salvage what I can.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the news while writing this and they've had an emergency at Sydney airport, with an A380 having to turn back and land. This is, what must be, the fourth A380 that's had to do this just here at Sydney airport alone. Two words: Airbus Fail.

I feel absolutely horrible today, and have spent most of it in bed. I've only periodically emerged to sort out this Soundwave ticket nonsense - the one I sold got lost in the mail and am now trying to get a re-issue for the guy so he can still go. It will hopefully be sorted by this evening *crosses fingers*

Music: Winter Olympics...not the sweeping
Mood: Sick

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  1. Aww my poor sick darling. Feel better!!!! XXXX