Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

In the last two days I have done:
- 2 pages of Science homework
- 4 lots of Year 6 maths homework
- 1 lot of Business Studies calculations
- English and Afrikaans spelling exercises

Right now I'm helping my cousin study for her weekly test which this week happens to be Afrikaans, we're doing abbreviations, vowels and consonants, hyphens and umlauts. I can't remember ever having studied this stuff, but I know I must have. Year 6 seems like a stupidly long time ago.

Went shopping today, bought a bunch of random stuff we're supposed to take home with us. Not entirely sure where we're going to put it all, but I am sure we will figure something out. I have an even longer list of things to send back here once we actually get home.

Started American Gods last night, gives me something to do.

Music: Chattering in the background
Mood: Thirsty

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