Friday, February 19, 2010

I have just wasted eighty minutes of my life

I am yet to experience a Soundwave Festival that does not include drama of one form or another. At least come Sunday it'll be over for another six months or so, at which point, after much swearing to never go again, they will announce a line-up that I find hard to resist. They are evil, so very evil.

Speaking of evil, I am going along well in my extremely-late-to-the-party Buffy watching. Halfway through season 2, and yes, I am loving it stupid amounts. Should have paid more attention in the 90s. The amount of love I have for Spike is nothing short of disturbing.

In other news, my mum is now sick too, though I am valiantly ignoring the queasy migraine icky-ness with a vague attempt at being organised - though hampered, I admit, by my seeming inability to remember anything I actually want to do a mere few seconds after thinking of it. Sigh. Still I've narrowed down a couple of things, like the French course I will be enrolling in just as soon as I have hoarded my next couple of pay cheques and paid for the geek quest Supanova expedition. I've also resolved to begin the exercise regime again tomorrow - it always falls by the wayside on holiday. I'm thinking of joining a kick-boxing class too...I really enjoy boxing training though I have no real passion for the actual boxing. So we'll see how we go. Uuuuum what else...oh I have to go the doctor at some point to get some blood tests cause I suspect my iron is low. I'm tired virtually all the time and bruise if you just so much as look as me. Not much fun.

Another thing that isn't much fun is the absolutely appalling performance the Crusaders put in this evening. I have never seen them play that poorly, in fact I hadn't realised the Crusaders were capable of conceding so many turnovers. Um...Richie, come baaaaaack. Abject woe. They have always been slow starters in seasons, and they are fielding half their usual team, but still, that was just depressing. They might just get mad now and destroy everything in their path from now on...we can hope, at least.

Music: Fox Sports
Mood: Annoyed

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