Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happenstance has changed my plans

“Life was too short to be with someone who wasn’t quite right, someone who made you think more than they made you feel.”

Life is uneventful, mostly because I am sleeping through it. I feel like I'm spending my days as 1/4 activity and 3/4 sleeping to recover. It's insanity. I made it to the doctor yesterday finally and am now waiting on the test results. The front-runner is iron deficiency. Joy.

In between the perpetual napping, I'm struggling through my additional uni reading. Currently halfway through 'Literary Journalism in the Twentieth Century' - my first class is Non-Fiction on Monday. I vacillate between apprehension and arrogance, neither of which is particularly useful. The former because I fear I will be vastly outclassed in theory, experience and enthusiasm; and the latter because I've basically done this course before with very little dedication and aced it. But still, I decided at the start of the year that I would be making a studious effort in my studies for a change, and I am sticking to that resolution.

Speaking of resolutions, last night R hosted an impromptu scrabble night - I am still amazed we have all lived to tell the tale. Also, let the record show, I am not very good at scrabble at all!

I was supposed to help my dad at the Kiama Sevens tournament today. I'm not much help to anyone at the moment thought and so spent most of the day sitting around, blinking into the sun. Now I either need food or a lie-down. I hate feeling like this! Bah.

Music: You are my face - Wilco
Mood: Sleepy

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