Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shut up and let me see your jazz hands

Waiting for a download to finish and it's taking foreeeeever. Sigh. Slow internet is slow. Nearly all the internationals over for Worldcon complained about the Aussie internet. Oi government...wait do we have a government? I forget.

No new developments really. Hardly surprising since my life consists mainly of going to work. September is socially a lot quieter than some of the previous months, but I need some downtime too, so I'm enjoying it. Also I'm supposed to be doing uni assignments, so having free time to procrastinate work on it is definitely a plus.

I've got two presentations/essays when I go back. One is on postmodernism, I'm thinking of mainly making it about twitter. The other is on 'Interpretations of a theme' with the texts being All About Eve and Election. I haven't actually seen Election properly so I will have to rent that, but I figure I'll try to make mention of Sherlock *shrugs* Fandom serves me well.

My copy of David Tennant's Hamlet arrived yesterday so I'm expecting the Sherlock DVD to show up tomorrow. Friday night entertainment sorted. Well, and I still have to watch The Departed and an insane backlog of Lie to Me, Human Target and Fringe. There aren't enough hours in the day. I'm still working my way through season 3 of Buffy. It wasn't really doing much for me to be honest, but Wesley has showed up and things finally seem to be getting itneresting - six eps to go. Hm. At Aussiecon, Cory Doctorow said you're not going to look back at your life one day and wish you watched more television...I don't know, I think I might. There's a lot I want to watch.

None of this would be a problem if I didn't actually have to sleep, you know. Or work. That wastes a lot of valuable time too. Priorities - I don't have them.

Speaking of things arriving, got my Adam Lambert ticket today. I'm not going to lie, I am stupidly excited about this. I mean really excited. Hey, everyone deserves a little Glambert in their lives. What's not to love?

As I mentioned before, I've been neglecting music lately, very sad. But I'm going to You, Me, At Six on Sunday, and I'm contemplating the Against Me! gig the week after. Oh and Muse in December. Hmmm, Muse *happy place*....Wait, what was I talking about? Other than that I'm just desperately hoping The Gaslight Anthem will be doing a Soundwave sideshow because I've never seen them live and I do adore them so. There are a couple of bands I'd be keen to see do some sideshows - I just really don't want to go to the festival.

Well this download is apparently being carried along the phone line by a snail, so I think I might cut my losses and call it a night. Can fit some reading in before midnight!

Compartmentalise, that's the key!

PS: HARRY POTTER. Aaaaaah! It gives me chills. It means the end of my childhood is officially nigh, but still! Chills! I think I should blow off work and go to the midnight premiere. See the aforementioned lack of priorities.

Music: NaNaNa - My Chemical Romance
Mood: Bored Now

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