Monday, September 20, 2010

It comes back, but it's never the same

Currently listening to the new LCD Soundsystem....not entirely sure I like it. I'm so woefully behind on new releases, it's depressing. There simply just aren't enough hours in a day to keep track of everything. Le sigh. I still haven't managed to get hold of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs either - I know, shock horror.

I've had a very active weekend. That would explain why virtually every inch of me hurts. It's not too bad really, but it's definitely being felt whenever movement is required. Kicked off on Saturday with Judo and Jukado training with mum. This included practicing breakfalls (aka ukemi). As I had no room really to practice anywhere, I was doing so on the back patio with a flimsy collection of pillows to cushion my fall. Yeah, that didn't work so great. I have two fabulously blue shoulders to show for my trouble, the right one is particularly nasty. Mum's horrified, she's never seen someone bruise like this from practicing haha!

Still, one would think falling is a lot easier than it is. I can recognise that it's mental more than anything - I was doing a lot better going backwards than forwards since I didn't have the constant need to check where I was falling. With practice I hope to get better at it, and certainly beyond the merely falling over - it's all about balance and that's something I'd definitely like to improve. Overall, I think I'm doing better at the Jukado at the moment, it's much more practical and incorporates a lot of elements I enjoy.

I started Sunday nice and restful by having brunch with the girls. It was lovely to catch up and perplex waitstaff - it's always something with us! It was also fascinating to have a poke about the building site that is R's home at the moment. It's going to look great when the renovations are done. So exciting!

Following that, I had a horse riding lesson. Random, I know, but oh so very fabulous. I had the laziest horse in the stable (their words, not mine!) and he made me work extra hard for everything, but I just had so much fun. The trainer didn't mess about, and she taught me how to do the basics, including saddling, and trotting. We did a bit of cantering as well, but not much as Mr. Lazy Horse just wasn't keen on listening to me. The few seconds I managed ranks up there as one of the best things I've done this year.

The lesson lasted for an hour and my muscles were aching from the minute I dismounted. I am so not fit enough for this - by the end, my kicks were so feeble it's no wonder the horse didn't want to move haha. I nearly came off it twice thanks my useless balance. The trainer wanted to try jumps, but I totally chickened out. She was very nice though, said she very happy with how quickly I picked it up and that I was a natural. Huzzah!

Horse riding, I may point out, is completely counter-intuitive. Especially if you're a bike rider. My instinct in all situations is to lean into a turn - I do this all the time, even when driving my car. Big no-no on horseback. Also leaning forward when speeding up, not done. It takes a lot of focus. And I keep messing up my feet, but with practice it should all become easier. So yeah, even though it's quite a challenge, I really enjoyed it. Will give it another shot this weekend, methinks. It's a brilliant workout as well, I swear the muscles in my neck hurts.

Anyway, on mid-semester break for the next two weeks. Look forward to getting home before 10pm for a change. I'm trying to go for jogs in the evenings as well now, if I can build up my stamina everything else will be easier too.

On the other hand, work is atrocious - no surprises there. Major dramas this morning and it's just endlessly frustrating. 62 weeks to freedom.

Music: Drunk girls - LCD Soundsystem
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