Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In a dream I had

A cherry bomb, you are a mystery
Exploded, sparkling quiet nights
My teenage heart packed all my misery
To fingertips that might ignite
And all along you knew my story, didn't you
And all night long I carried yours
Your blood was mixed wine and robbery
And left us always wanting more

So don't sing me your songs about the good times
Those days are gone and you should just let them go
And God help the man who says
'If you'd have known me when'
Old haunts are for forgotten ghosts

Cherry bomb, your love is surgery
Removing what you don't regard
And every breath felt like a funeral
While you were packing up your car
And with the window down
I hear your tired mouth
You borrowed everything
And wore all your old welcomes out
And shame on you, my love
You sold your youth away
Memories are sinking ships
That never would be saved

Music: Old Haunts - The Gaslight Anthem
Mood: Thoughtful

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