Monday, September 13, 2010

Come to me with the worst you've said and done

I'm experiencing some significant lag this afternoon. Need a nap.

Severely frustrated as well - clients are painful, have tons of reception cover to do, and hotmail is a royal pain. Seriously, what is up with it? It lags, doesn't send emails and is forever telling me the server is busy. It's been doing this since the revamp two months ago and I don't know if it's just because it's not compatible with my ancient work computer or whether it's the actual thing that's useless. Either way....fix it windows!

I can't even use ymail instead cause their interface is actually not compatible with aforementioned ancient work computer.

And now my iPod has started playing Brand New. Thanks Beckettoo, you always know what will cheer me up o_o

My head hurts, I really need to get my eyes tested and ok, I'll stop whining now.

I've just received tonight's class exercise - Write the beginning of a story where an alien is encountered and intergalactic travel is assumed.

Sooooo...I can re-write the first episode of any Doctor Who season then? Class exercises are so annoying. They serve no purpose. Why not let us work on one novel or one piece for the duration, experimenting with stuff, instead of forcing a new 700 words out of me each week. I don't care, alright? I do them at work and I hate them all. Oh, did I say I'd stop whining? I'm sorry, my mistake.

Do. Not. Want.

Sigh. If I hadn't already skipped two, I'd just skip class tonight. It's such a shame, pop fiction started off so well, now it's just boring and repetitive. We're heading into the sci-fi module now, but I'm not expecting the earth to move. Frankly, I'd just rather go home and watch Sherlock again. I know I've seen it and there are only three eps but...yeah.

Actually, there was a blurb in the paper about Sherlock on the weekend, mentioning Nine picking it up but not setting a release date. What idiots. I still can't figure out how they managed to get hold of it, BBC things should go to the ABC in my opinion, it just makes sense. Or UKTV, like Torchwood. It'll never get the treatment it deserves on Nine - a channel, I may point out, that managed to screw up the first season of The O.C. I still don't know how they managed that. It's just baffling.

Ok ok so....alien, space travel, alien, space travel. I really could just revamp a Who story, the class would never know. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Isn't 700 words a bit few to set up an alien and space travel? Flash fiction is not my strong point. On a related note, it's my inability to write a decent short story that'll keep me from ever getting published. I've taken a bazillion classes and I still don't think I know how to do them properly. Hm.

In other news, I hear Merlin started again this weekend. I have no way to get hold of it. Sad.

What have we learned here people? Blogging at work on Mondays results in ceaseless whining. Normal transmissions will resume shortly...hopefully.

Music: Little Death - [+44]
Mood: Tired


  1. I didn't realise that Merlin had come out until Monday. So I haven't seen it either. Bugger!

  2. Our fandomds are slipping from underneath us! The horror! /melodrama I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but I understand my lovely Morgana has gone round the evil bend. I look forward to it.