Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get off my lawn

Where do my weekends go? Actually, where does time go in general? I have none of it. If you see some, kindly send it my way.

So close to being on holiday and yet I am filled with horror at how much I have to do before then. Breathe, remember to breathe. Tonight alone, I need to draw another 2,000 words out of my hat - magically naturally - so I can have the full amount necessary for my meeting on Wednesday. I also kind of wanted to finish my editing assignment before I left, but that hasn't happened. Alas, alack, all that.

Not to mention all the people I owe emails - I will get round to it before I go, promise!

So what have I been doing with my time? Well, Friday night I saw Jimmy Eat World with L at the Enmore. It was her Christmas gift, and I think it was a lovely gig. They're really one of those bands that just nail those anthemic sing-a-long songs, and they played all my faves so I was happy. This is the first time I'd seen them in a smaller, indoor setting and it was so much better. Some bands are just not cut out for festivals or stadiums. It just loses too much in translation.

While the band delivered a great set, the crowd annoyed me to no end. We seemed to be in the crazy photo section, and if one more person stuck an iphone up to take a group photo, I was going to shove it down their throat. Also, people who talk during sets are going to a very special circle of hell. And why pray tell are people constantly walking around? What are you doing? Where are you going? Stand still, dammit! If you want to stand around drinking beer and yelling at each other, why pay $70 to see a band? Stay home, turn up their album really loud, and you can do that for free. And yes, I realise this makes me a jaded, grumpy old lady but still....get off my lawn! Or in this case, get out of my gig! And people are so rude. So fucking rude. You expect some pushing and shoving while at gigs, naturally, but I'm talking about common courtesy. Apparently it doesn't exist anymore. Bah.

Anywho. Busy, if generally unproductive weekend. Got hair done cause I couldn't stand the thought of a two week holiday (and holiday snaps) with the coppery mess it faded to. I like the violet hair, it's dark and subtle and you know, nice. But I do wish it had more of a kick to it. I got so many comments on the red, it was so much bolder, and I miss that. Vanity, I know. But anyway, it's pretty again, that's the main thing. I dropped by R's as well, watched The Princess and the Frog which is a lot like an updated Beauty & The Beast with ethnic diversity and accents. It wasn't bad, but I don't know if I was really that into it. We also watched another episode of My So-Called Life, which I am pretty much insisting on watching every time I'm over so I can shamelessly drool over Mr. Leto. Well, I say shamelessly, but it's really not. It's filled with lots and lots of shame. But oh well.

I spent today shopping with mum and spending money I don't have. Bought new jeans for the trip, and a cheap little digital camera that I can take places when the SLR won't make it in. Mostly, I just spent money on horse-riding gear. I've got some proper stuff now, including boots and jodhpurs. I figure as this is something I genuinely enjoy, I might as well do it properly. It's good exercise, gets me outside, and I have a great time. I'm pretty committed to it as my new hobby - only took me 23 years to wise up to it.

Next three days are going to be insane at work. Too much to do. Don't even want to think about it. I'll be working late tomorrow and Tuesday to try and get through it. Wednesday, off to uni. Thursday morning, bright and early flight to Christchurch. Aaaaand, exhale.

Music: Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

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