Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anticipation's on the other line

I wrote this on Wednesday but for some reason it never posted. But hey, here it is anyway.

I was sitting on R’s couch on Saturday both lusting after and bemoaning Jared Leto, when she asked me why I thought he was a jerk. Well R, here’s a classic example. He posted this link on Twitter this morning to mark the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. That’s a nice gesture, right? At least I thought so when I started reading it. I was totally thinking ‘Huh, this is actually pretty decent of you, Jared.’ And then I got to the end where he just couldn’t help but chuck in a video he’d made. And this is where it all sort of falls apart for me because he does these things, and no doubt he means well, but it just ends up feeling like he makes everything all about himself. It’s grating.

So, anyway. Had a blast this weekend, cooking breakfast with M and R and commandeering R’s couch for the rest of the day, and spending time with mum on Sunday. Horse riding was brilliant – Centennial Park is such a great place for it, even if it was stupidly busy. Why are there so many people out and exercising at 9am on Sunday morning? Don’t they have beds? That aside, I think horse riding is fast becoming my favourite outdoor activity. I get to be outside, get a great workout and actually enjoy it. Win. Too bad it’s an expensive hobby.

Work is the predictable hub of chaos and mayhem, trying to get stuff done before I go on leave is proving more problematic than anticipated. Plus my intern displays an alarming reluctance to use the phone, so I’m not entirely sure I can trust her to follow up on outstanding material *narrows eyes* I’m sympathetic, after all I loathe the phone too, but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil in this industry…most industries, really. Still want a new job, but will worry about that when I get back.

Caught up with L last night – had the best burger ever, om nom. We saw Never Let Me Go which is various levels of depressing. So much woe and angst. Angst!

Um, um. What else. Worked late tonight and missed writers' group, have yet again fallen behind on emails, and have about 2,000 words to write for uni. Oh and readings to do. Ha. I always have such good intentions but really, I never paid much attention to those so far in my uni career, why would I start now? Eight weeks to go. Slightly terrifying.

Music: The Calendar - Panic! At The Disco

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