Monday, November 1, 2010

Of heads and being in over them

Right, my life is currently woefully unorganised and considering how much I have going on, this needs to be remedied. Time to go into intense I-know-you-hate-it-but-just-do-it mode.

Schedule! Let’s go!

Until 5pm – Work (no lunch break, too busy, Melbourne Cup eating up valuable time)
6pm – Home, if I’m lucky.
7pm – Take Oreo for a walk. I need some fresh air.
8pm – Redraft chapter 2 for Theory & Writing
10pm – 2000 words for nano

5am – 1000 words for nano (yes 5, yes I realise this is probably futile)
7am – Leave for work
8.30am – Work? Although a lot of time is dedicated to personal emails. If the editors didn’t love me so much, I’d be fired.
12.30pm – Writing, either nano or redrafting chapter 3.
1.30pm – Work (this week this involves chasing 7 outstanding profiles, writing a feature article and a double page waste of time thing the ad reps booked late. Deadline is Friday. Life is fun.)
4.45pm – Leave for uni
6pm – Theory & Writing, just class workshops this week
10pm – Home, dinner, redraft chapter 3.

5am – 1000 words for nano (yes, I hate myself)
7am to 4.45pm – see Wednesday. Variety, I don’t know the word.
6pm – Writing Seminar, presentations and more workshopping (note to self: will need red bull)
10pm – Home, dinner, redraft chapter 4

5am – 1000 words for nano (I may beg for death, don’t give in to me)
7am to 5pm – see Wednesday, Thursday, variety yadda yadda
6.30pm – Home, maybe. Always late on a Friday.
7pm – Write up postmodern essay, however long that takes

Dedicated to adaptations presentation/essay. If I manage to finish it at a decent time, I’ll make sure the postmodern one is well rounded and then work on chapter 5.

Have to finish up chapter 4 and 5 as they’re due Monday. Then, if I am still coherent, work on nano.

I will need lots and lots of chocolate, junk food, and iced red tea to get through this. Also if I’ve made any social engagements with anyone…uh yeah, sorry about that. You can come over and do some of my writing if you like?

Now I must stop wasting time and write the 6 profiles I actually have info for. Cue superhero cape swoosh!

Music: Helicopter - Bloc Party
Mood: Maybe getting a little stressed. Just a little.

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  1. I have absolutely no idea how you do it dude. INSANE. You have superhuman writing strength. I bow before your power. *grovels*