Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hello world!

Omg blog I've missed you! Don't ever leave me! Aaaah *clings*

Look this is ridiculous, I need to work out some sort of schedule and stick to it. It's just really hard to find time for the interwebz in between being at uni and studying for uni. Oh and work. Yes, there is that. I think it’s fair to say I’ve officially reached the point where I loathe my job – and in three months, too. I feel bad about that, but I can’t help it. The clients are just so endlessly frustrating to deal with, and we all know I have no patience. I screwed up on Friday too and felt so awful about it, my mood just went straight down the drain. I know everyone screws up at some point or another, but...gah. I don’t allow it of myself, it kills me. Since our deputy editor is on holiday at the moment (thereby leaving me all by myself in the office – thus all the tweeting about music), I also had to approve the final colour proofs. I spent like thirty minutes agonising over it. I'm slightly terrified of it. What if I missed something? I'm sick and my brain isn't working! Aaaah! I could never live with myself if I screwed that up. Where’s my paper bag...

Forgetting that for the moment, I've been mentally storing up so much stuff to blog about that I barely knew where to begin. Instead of doing an insanely long post of nonsense however, I decided to split it up into separate posts instead. Here they be:

> Goblin vampires with kinks: a contemplation of Thirteen Bullets by David Wellington

> The role model conundrum: I never considered myself to have a role model, but maybe I just didn't notice.

> The Uni Chronicles: presentations, readings, and film watching

> Feminists, there’s one in every class: what it says on the tin people.

> Letting go of everything you know: grumbling about the woe of being into Torchwood – yes, again. Once more with feeling! etc etc

> Follow the yellow brick road: a post of all the random links and oddities I’ve been hoarding

> The game is on: A fangirl post about the greatest thing to enter my life in the last year

> Wait a minute, this sounds like Science and or Fiction: A breakdown of the results of the Top 200 character polls to celebrate SFX magazine’s 200th issue

In general news of the moment, I've been sick as a dog all week. It hasn't been much fun. Had the first meeting of our Writers group last Saturday which wasn't exactly a brilliant success, but a start all the same. Last night was spent hanging out with L and his friends, the evening went quite a bit later than I expected but was good fun all the same. I am shortly heading off to watch Scott Pilgrim with Stono. Yesterday was supposed to be a productive day for uni work, but of course it wasn’t. I spent it voting, helping the parentals, and writing these blog posts. But there’s still time! It’s still good, it’s still good.

So yeaaaah. That will do for now. I’m going to go watch the last part of Rememberance of the Daleks. Oh Seven, you amuse me so.

Just for kicks, here is what a schedule of my life would look like, on a uni day:

6am Wake up, take Oreo for a walk (depending on how many times the ‘Snooze’ function has been abused)
7am Leave for work
8.30am - 4.30pm Work. Pretty much nonstop. Only with periodic personal email breaks. And I very rarely actually manage to leave at 4.30.
5.30pm Arrive at uni, either wander off to Starbucks/library/class as required.
6pm to 9pm – In class, usually involves yawning, skimming of readings, and a five minute break somewhere in the middle.
9.45pm Arrive home
10pm - 12am Complete any readings or films required for uni, blog, get some writing done.

It’s all pretty much standard until we get to the last block – that’s usually where I just end up sitting around doing nothing, before falling into bed some time after. The last thing I think of is opening my laptop, but now that I have a TV and DVD player in my room, I might actually do the watching bit of the plan.

Au revoir my pretties, I hope at least someone finds something to enjoy in my epic posts!

Music: All you need is love - The Beatles
Mood: Accomplished

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