Sunday, August 22, 2010

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This post is nothing but a random, non-related collection of oddities and links. It’s what the internet is for.

First off, let’s start with the geek solar system – courtesy of Lizzie. You can view it here. I particularly like ‘Moon?’ just outside the dotted lines that mark where poor Alderaan used to be. Clever things.

Kicking on ahead to Doctor Who, I present a collection of simple, but rather cool, fan posters:
There’s something to be said for their minimalist renderings. Also, River is brilliant.

This is funny because it’s true. True, I say! TV Tropes should carry a warning.


This is stunning -
From here. Captured by the Hubble Telescope, it’s a nebula in the constellation Taurus near the centre of the Milky Way’s galactic plane.

Side note: Ah technology, look how easy you’ve made this sort of thing. I remember when I was 7 I had a good ol’ fashioned scrapbook filled with postcards and clippings of planets and stars and the like. Astronomy was my first obsession. I guess, as Yoda would say, “All his life has he looked away... to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things. You are reckless.” Except for, you know, the Jedi part.

On that note, check out this Magnetar, the most powerful magnetic object in the known universe.
Isn’t it cool? More info here.

In keeping with photography, cool “otherworldly” photographs can be found here. Earth – not as boring as some would have you believe.

If you’re looking for something to occupy your time, and you’re into this whole sci-fi and the meaning of genre thing, io9 have collected a bunch of stories that are challenging the traditional nature of sci-fi. Dubbed ‘SciFi Strange’, the stories push the boundaries of what is strictly scientific or realistic – you can find the whole thing here.

Here be 6 things from history everyone pictures incorrectly. The ancient statues thing is news to me I must admit, io9 also covered it – check it out, so many colours. Yeesh.

Staying on the geekery – slowed down theme tunes! You might have caught wind of this trend on the interwebz following some or other person slowing down a Bieber song 800%, so of course io9 went ahead and slowed down classic theme tunes too - from Spider-Man, Knight Rider, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and more. The effect is quite eerie, as you can find out for yourself here. (Original post here)

Haha! Geeky wedding invites! Adorkable!

Ever wondered what a superhero university would look like? College Humour did.
I love the No Admittance Iron Man sign. Check out the others here.

My dad always gets me copies of Rolling Stone. I can only imagine what he will think when he comes across the latest one:

Oh, True Blood *shakes head*

What have we learnt from this post? I am an io9 junkie.

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