Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Are we insane yet? Are we insane yet?

My phone just wouldn't stop ringing today, it was very annoying. Especially since everyone seemed to be calling about an issue that happened before I started working there and the more I kept telling them I had no idea what had happened, the more people seemed to call. Perhaps it was all some sort of test where they'd agreed to keep calling in an attempt to catch me in a lie, or perhaps until they received the answer they wanted. Either way, I hope I'm not bothered this much tomorrow.

Anyway, stuff! Stuff has been happening, as it is want to do. I had my first class of the semester as I may have mentioned before, and it seems very promising. Five people from my advanced narrative class from last semester are also in it which is great fun. It's nice to be in a class that recognises the validity of genre fiction as well, as opposed to the constant white noise about literary fiction. We're going to have to write in the different genres of crime/detective, romance and fantasy/sci-fi and I'm looking forward in a bemused-yet-horrified way to seeing what I churn out for them all. But yes, definitely not a bad start to the week. Tomorrow, however, I have Theory & Writing - for that I have little hope. Sigh. There's always a theory subject somewhere.

I have finally found a costume as well, now if only I could get my tax back and purchase it.
It shall be paired with a mask (I've got my eye on a new one despite owning two masks already), fan, gloves and cape (that I all have.) Also possibly these rather cool looking fangs - not the plastic kind everyone's mucked about with at one point or another, but costume ones you sort of stick on your canine teeth. And yes ok, vampires are so done to death at the moment but when it's a nightmare masquerade ball, isn't that the obvious fit? All this costume shopping has only reinforced how much I love this kind of insanity, and really, why can't every day be Halloween?

I love that I'm buying costumes etc before I've even confirmed anything else for the Melbourne trip - including leave from work. As always, my priorities are beyond question.

Anywho, we've had some insane weather here the last two days and I am freezing so I think I'll take tonight off and have a long bubble bath, finish this damn David Wellington book, and watch a couple of eps of Red Dwarf.

Tomorrow I'll tackle my essay, sort through the submissions I'm contemplating, and...actually I don't want to think about all the things I'm meant to do because they really make taking the night off to do nothing seem extremely wasteful. Especially since the next four nights are pretty much booked out *taps lip* Ah what the hell, I'll take the night off anyway and then tomorrow I'll draw up a schedule to encourage productivity.

I love drawing up schedules - it's procrastination that actually feels like it's accomplishing something.

Music: If I had you - Adam Lambert
Mood: Lazy

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