Wednesday, July 31, 2013


You know that scene in the first episode of Sherlock, where he's making a mental map to try and figure out how to cut the taxi off? That's basically the map I have in my head every time I'm heading home after a night out.

Cue drunken thought process: "Shall I go down Berwick street? Or that...way....or bus? No. Thingy. Thingy is good."  *walks down Wardour like I do every single day*

It's weird though, cause in the mornings I now walk up Dean Street cause there's less annoying construction work, but walking home I still always go for Wardour. But I've started cutting through a lot of back streets more lately, staying parallel to Shaftesbury, cause of the crowds. Summer tourist season, it ain't pretty. Especially on Wednesdays, when it's matinee day. Pro tip kids, stay off the sidewalk.

And so endeth my unsolicited rambling on walking habits.

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