Friday, July 9, 2010

I make plans to break plans

It’s strange how much you can care about people you barely know. But I suppose some people you just feel like you know, even if not in the necessarily conventional ways.

In news from the fandom front, I finished Changes, the latest Jim Butcher Dresden Files novel, last night. It's had quite the polarising effect on the fanbase by all accounts, but I'm fairly meh about it. I neither hate it, nor love it. I read it, it was alright, I don't particularly care what happens next. It's sad when series get to that point, but invariably they always do with me. I have traditionally had a very short interest span in things - I'd go all out into something for a couple of months, consuming it with an unholy passion, and then promptly lose interest. I burn myself out. The Whoniverse being the consistent exception to this rule. Anyway, I think Changes would have been far more effective if it had come two novels back. Back then if Harry
*SPOILER ALERT - R, I'M TALKING TO YOU - Skip to the end of the paragraph!* had taken up the mantel as Winter Knight, I would have still been all 'woo omg wow.' By this point however, I just think it's about damn time and 'ugh finally' is not the same great rush of reaction. I just didn't get into the story much either, yeah it was good and I read through it, but it just didn't grip me. I had no suspense or feeling towards it. And, perhaps the most sadly of all, I didn't think it was funny. That's a real shame, because I used to think the nerd humour in these books were hilarious. This didn't get a real laugh out of me at all - not even once. It makes me sad. I concede this is probably me, more than the book, but I wish people wouldn't let their series' drag on forever, working out of the same bag of tricks. This is the problem with fantasy books in general, I never know where we're going and after a while, I just don't see why I should care anymore. So yeah, good book, disappointed that it just doesn't work for me anymore. I think it's been downhill for me ever since Summer Knight.

It's been raining again steadily for the last two days. Not too amused by this. I miss the sun. Can't wait till summer when I actually get to drive home while it's still light. The magic, imagine! And weekends at the beach - hmm yes there will definitely have to be some of those.

I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in an unproductive slump, thinking I didn’t have anything to do. Which I thought odd – after all, I am editorial assistant extraordinaire and I always have something to do. I figured I must be forgetting something – I figured right. So the afternoon was a mad scramble of sending out two issues’ worth of projects, working on the site and sorting out a deadline (the deadline I hadn’t forgotten about, and the internet stuff came up during the day – it was the projects that had slipped my mind). On the other hand, I’m definitely all caught up on everything that had piled up in the time before I’d been hired and my little break. All I have to do now is organise the shelves – but that’s more my OCD talking than actual necessity, and will have to wait for another day when I forget something and think I have time. Everything considered, I’m totally rocking this job, the editors love me. I work my ass off, but that’s what assistants are meant to do.

Besides that, I’m continuing on the social trend of 2010. I’m setting up a writer’s group with uni people, and hanging out with uni people, and going out on weeknights and weekends – it’s a whole new ballgame for me and I’m enjoying it. Tomorrow I have another one of my “Sure I’ll hang out with you, but this better not be a date” outings, and Sunday it’s one half of Lizzie’s belated birthday present as we head off to a comedy gig.

Other than that – well who knows. I vacillate between philosophical musings and apathy, as is my way. High, low, wishing I was somewhere else, enjoying what I have. I tire of having to play nice and pretend, so I no longer do. It’s brilliant to be free of certain personality traits that plagued me through adolescence – that’s one of the pros about growing up. I just don’t care anymore. Not all the time though, but certainly a lot more than it used to be. My mum said it would happen, but I didn’t believe her. She was right, of course, aren’t mothers always? Doesn’t change my fundamental biology though, and some days staying in bed with a good book still seems like the only way to cope. C’est la vie, I’ve resigned myself to my fate, I’m used to it. Still annoying sure, but used to it.

Hmm I don’t know what I’m really saying. I seem to have gone off on a random tangent. I guess…well, I guess it’s something.

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